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A look trying out the Too Faced A La Mode palette!

I had just ordered a bunch of Sugarpill stuff and decided to put it to use. I don’t like pink all that much, but I do think it looks great on me!

So I wanted to try doing a red ombre look with my lips. I normally don’t like dark lipliner and much lighter filled in lips, but I don’t mind this so much.

I felt like my Lorac Pro Palette wasn’t being used enough, so I decided to put it to use! I love the garnet shade in it sooo much.

So I went on a bit of a Sugarpill buying spree/kick and this was apart of said kick, I most definitely do not regret it! I always worry about darker colors on my dark skin (1R13 on Sephora’s color IQ scale) but these still pop and look vibrant!

For anyone looking for a nice RED eyeshadow, and I do mean pure red, not purple red, slightly orange red, brown based red, no, RED, this is the shadow! Flamepoint is a wonderfully pigmented shade of red! The color is vibrant, as are all of Sugarpills, and a little really does go a loooonnnnggg way. These shadows pack a punch and this one is most…[Read more]