I wish someone had told me that foundation was to unify YOUR own skin tone not 4 tones darker…and that you could obtain a healthy sun kissed look with a subtle BRONZER.

Gosh growth mascara and also the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip protector.

Mary Louminizer by The Balm or a crayon by Chella in Ivory Lace. I am very tempted to try Becca though.. This summer everybody seems to be talking about Becca highlighter glows etc..

Maybe is just a marketing tool but in UK they sell the top luxurious brand Omorovicza Cosmetics as hungarian. I haven’t used anything but they have a cult following.

Natura Bissé is a top skincare company, from Barcelona I believe..similar in price to La Prairie or even more expensive but most people who can afford them always speak favourably. I have seen them in Harrods- […]

Personally I still want to believe that there should be a correlation between high price = high quality although experience has showed me again and again that is not always the case. Today I have had an off-day, I […]

I am quite low maintenance but so far not too bad:
1) whenever possible I have switched to good performing but much cheaper dupes and I am quite pleased with myself, although I have been trailing the internet for […]

That is probably the best possible resolution. If one stays calm and grounded and free from negativity it will definitely show even if the only access to cosmetics is water … ( and some spf)

Yes. I have superstraight but thick hair and a friend convinced me to have a soft perm. I never repeated the style.Not for me.

Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer in 2. Also Macs Well Dressed.

Nebraska…! No… just joking. They didn’t spend 1 dollar in makeup in Nebraska.. but is a great movie…very moving. Great movie makeup seen recently: GREAT BUDAPEST HOTEL.

When I am really in a hurry I use the maybelline combo they launched in the summer Tropical something. The bronzer is subtle, maybe too subtle but the blush perks me up.
By the way I don’t own anything by Kevin […]

Soap&Glory archery for brows ……and Elle magazine because it carries the new Benefit mascara – mini size- roller lash….ah and a new Dove nourishing body oil that was very strategically situated by the self […]

Rimmel east end snob pencil over E Arden 8 hour lip balm

I should spend it on good serums but I found a very inexpensive one that does the trick.. for now.
I like oils so I spend quite a lot on good ones like the blue orchid clarins, also good essential oils but in the […]

I try to use the Sarah Chapman night skinesis oil about 2 nights a week and Hydraluron in the morning after my supercheap Lacura serum before moisturizer. Sometimes I even skip the moisturizer but apply a drop […]

Alternating between Jo Malone Basil mandarin…. and Nuxe’s huile prodigieuse

I know what you mean: I got hooked on it the summer of 2005 and my mother who rarely likes perfumes etc loved it. Since then she doesn’t want to even check other perfumes or eau de colognes etc… and now my […]

I have just put on some of the l’occitane divine extract as I am for an early night resting in bed and the scent (medicinal ? herbal?) is overpowering, yes but not as annoying as I remembered it . This thingy is […]

Yes: this is another one. I loove JoMalone scents but they do not last on me unfortunately. 2013 was for me the year of the dark amber tiger lily obsession but in 2014 I went back to my first: the mandarin lime […]

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