Nice format. And eyeshadows look beautiful in the pan. However, they do look difficult to use.
I hope they improve the formula.

I love the look of this palette and these colors. Gorgeous. Just hope they aren’t too shimmery.

Rusts (make me look ruddy), and brights (just use them for costume parties).

Holiday gift sets in department stores. The colors drew me in. Between that a skin care workshop from Shisheido, I was hooked pretty early on.

No one criticizes my routine because it’s fast and natural.
Sometimes they criticize “looks” I experiment with when I deviate from my routine. I know it will all come off with a little make-up remover so I don’t […]

For many years, I’ve travelled so much that I keep a bag packed at all times. So variety comes from having different sets of travel palettes.

Current travel bag contains:
Trial size kit of Dr.Perricone […]

Your skin tone/coloring: very fair (MAC NC40/42)
Beauty brand you always visit in a store? No one in particular, I check them all out
Beauty brand that needs a makeover? YSL (needs to move further to […]

Not sure why but I don’t find MAC mattes very comfortable – maybe my lips are too dry.
I do like em cosmetics lipsticks. There are only 1 or 2 colors that suit my skin tone but they feel incredible on my lips.

Really like the Audrey Audacious and Vera Audacious on you!

Rave: Love to see how colors work together. A good palette can include combinations that those new to make-up might not have thought would work well. For instance, I never thought browns could be flattering. A […]

Tinted moisturizer with SPF, concealer, eyeliner, curl lashes, mid-toned lipstick or gloss, blush.

Most of my eyeshadows are in palettes by brand.
Beyond that, I don’t have enough to have to worry about it.

With a particularly ornate dress or particularly beachy look, I like it. In the office, I like it. Especially on the skin. However, I like one item to stand out – not dramatically as that ruins effect. But […]

Le Creme Blush de Chanel! Color range is limited for me, but I love them!

Guilty for loving makeup? No. I think I have decent taste and use it in a way that enhances my good features and hides my flaws.

However – I do occasionally feel guilty about the SIZE of my makeup collection.

Hard not to love. The shade seem so natural.

More likely to adjust by time of day and type of event. Allergic to so many.

This season: MAC Mineralize Blush in SImmer. For extra staying power, I’ll put it over a crème blush.
It works best under the lighting in my office as well as outdoors or at home.

1( What I need – skin care and either a base or tinted moisturizer with SPF, lip gloss that doesn’t sting. Those are my needs.
2) After that, whatever suits my active lifestyle and what takes me out of my […]

Fashion magazines, beauty sites, youtube.
Every once in awhile, I’ll see someone at an event and just adore something about their makeup, and then I’ll become obsessed with trying to replicate the effect for my skin tone.

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