I just placed an order with MAC and these are most of what I like from them.
They have a coupon for $10 off every $50 till June 22.
1. Antiqued eyeshadow
2. Brown Script eyeshadow
3. Uninterrupted eyeshadow […]

I’d keep one pink and one neutral and give away the others to friends/family.
The bag is cute :)

Could you please comment on the wear time without primer?

I have a few recommendations for review :)
1) Good Karma – Graphic eyes eyeliner pencil (Teal!!)
2) Rock ā€™nā€™ Roll Bride – Graphic Eyes eyeliner […]

Yes, you’re right, Semi precious Mineralize eyeshadow.
Hope Mac makes that line permanent.

Good swatches and, though Rich Core is nice, I wish they would make Smoked Ruby permanent.

Haven’t tried contouring ever but would be fun to try.
I am familiar with highlighting so will definitely try that first.

I like Frenzy as it looks like one could the two sides well as highlighter and blush.

The Hourglass lip treatment.

I’d use the second row the most.
I’ve been lusting after this palette for some reason but am unlikely to buy it as I have purchased several palettes which need use.

The eye look is one the prettiest I’ve seen recently!
I feel that these shadows look very glittery in the swatches but in the eye look they look quite nice.
How do they compare with MakeUp Geek shadows?

I think the Chocolate bar is a good palette for darker skin tones, and I’d like to try the browns in it.

I’d use the MakeUp Forever D826 and ME828 as light and dark shadows, nice colours!

It’d be either the Marc Jacobs Skyliner eyeliners or the Bite Beauty Remix lip pencils.

This looks lovely, could you say how it compares to the Mac Strobe Cream as I have that.

I’d wear Anita!

I’m definitely going to let you know :)
At this moment, I’m considering either the Mac Gravitas palette or the Lorac Pro 1 and a Mac custom quad.
If you had to pick one of the above two options for wear time and […]

Just when I had thought I’d pass on this one and get something else :)
Considering, I’ve been stalking your website for the swatches and review, perhaps I should get it and lay the restlessness at rest!

Thank you.
No, not dedicated to MAC, just wanted to see what the shadows are like, being cult and all that. Maybe, I’ll try a custom quad with sketch or deep damson, bronze or antiqued, handwritten or Swiss […]

Hi, I’d like to know if the quality of the permanent shades is the same as the singles. You have mentioned that a couple of them have a different pigmentation payoff but apart from that would you rather pick the […]

It does look like a neutral to cool palette with only a couple of warm shades. And it seems to have a good range of shades, though I’d rather have one less light, frosted shade and swap it for ‘orange’. How cool […]

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