Not fair they’re not selling this in all countries, got to go to france to pick it up cause it’s not possible to send it to belgium :O it’s not cool with all “we can’t send you, ….you’ll have to come to get […]

It would be for sure a chance to work on my contouring technique and have a first product from the brand!

I actually got it almost 2 weeks ago, love the packaging, the colors…they look like babies besides the regular ones!

i loooooove the colors, I would do lot of mixes!

I would work some chocolate degrad├ęs!!!!!!!

We don’t have Lorac in Belgium, so it would be my first palette from the brand! Since I don’t know the brand, I would have the chance to discover it…..letting my imagination do the job! :)

Why?????? What were they thinking???????

All of them, I even have lists for each of these kind of products on my computer, so I don’t buy it again ­čś«

Why only one colour???? I would go crazy with all of them! From a smoky to a colorful look! Hard to chose! And packaging is so “Whiter” (LMAO) than the others!!!!!!! Hope this time I’ll be lucky!

I have the same problem, and also, issues with contouring correctly and applying eyeliner symmetrically.

I’d use first the eyes palette. The colors are beautiful and I’ve never tried makeup from the brand.

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