I kept passing up on the MUG shadows thus far but these look So amazing! HOWEVER….Ive been spoiled by the creamy goodness thats colopop shadows :s Powder shadows seem like way too much work by comaprison now and […]

Ooh they all look so juicy and pretty. Cant wait to swatch the hell out of these:))

Theyre pretty….but nothing extraordinary in terms of colour /pigmentation . I’ll be passing on these – thanks much as usual for the great swatches Christine!

Oooh very pretty! Sucker for all makeup in stick form, this looks very tempting to me!! I actually DONT have any highlighter in stick form . Hmmmm!! :) thanks for the review Christine – looks gorgeous on you!

Ive tried some from their original highliner series and wasnt overly impressed considering their price. I’ll be passing on these but they do look summery alright!

Oh these are definitely much more interesting than the original finish ..to me anyway. For the most part I don’t like anything that looks like …lip PAINT/lip tar or thats too opaque so these seem perfect! I’m […]

Bahaha I laughed out when i read this because I do the same thing with my makeup bag and my brushes when Im travelling.. I stuff them into the safe. I feel so ridiculous doing it but I still do it anyway ( in […]

F for…FAIL wow! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I was putting a quad out like this at that price with …that pigmentation !!! Shame on you Givenchy! hehe

Loving even the LOOK of the texture on these. Exactly my kinda lipstix!! Thanks for the beautiful pics & review Christine:)

I missed out on the one that came out with the Brooke Shields collection so Ill hopefully get this one!

I forget the names of the other ones that I have but they’re all like the Raspberry one! I think some of the newer ones like the other two here are duds tho:(

Carnation Cabaret looks SO pretty on you ! I’ve had good luck with the ones from this line ( the older line though..not the current ones)!

I have these in a couple of shades and they’ve all been pretty amazing! Fuschia Flourish is amazing. It looks like the Raspberry one has the same coverage & texture. Glad to see it get an A:)

Gah want.all.of.them. I wish shipping to Canada was more reasonable:( But then again…that aside, nothing can save us from the reality that is the HORRID EXCHANGE RATE right now!!

yay nothin up my alley here. : )) thanks for the swatches Christine!

Love how you’re always improving the presentation of these posts so its super easy to see the ratings on each of the products. Thanks Christine ( & Shawn!)

I quickly went and rubbed a ball of butter on my face. Looks the same. hehe. Couldnt resist – really tho?…Yeah very disappointing product!!

The cuteness that is Mellan :) Perfect way to cheer my ill self up lol!

So pretty but I cant take my eyes of Anna!!

Yaaaay so happy to see the Temptalia Recommends sign on this one. It’s been my favourite concealer for so long now. It even works on my horribly dark panda circles. STAPLE STAPLE STAPLE. yeah…you can tell that […]

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