Perfect, I was born on January 31st so N3 could become a perfect birthday gift :)
I would love to see more cool shades, but I love this palette anyway :) thank you!

Hi Christine!
How would you compare Strange to Yogurt by MAC?
Nooner and Limit should be perfect paired with Stormy Pink paint pot by MAC! :) Lovely!
Do you have any idea about the release date and the price? […]

I see. I tried to put Rebel over Currant lip liner and it works quite well. I bought Hang Up some months ago but, I couldn’t say way, it didn’t fit my expectations. Maybe I judged it too hasty… what a pity I […]

Sorry… contain*

Sorry, my keybord has a life by herself -.-
I have Rebel and it’s berry on me, quite purplish, but I was thinking about something darker, a sort of aubergine colour. I don’t want something brown, Diva is terrible […]

Hi Christine!

Hi, Christine!
How would you compare Talk that talk to Media? For example, Diva looks very, very dark on me, a sort of blackened red with brownish undertones (geez…). I’m an NW10 and my lips are on the light […]

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