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Something simple I put together to look less dead during an awful flare when I had to be seen in public. Pretty much all MAC except for the cheeks, which are Nars ‘Exhibit A’ because I seriously needed some color. A flare means a fever, cold sweats, nausea, and not being able to sleep, so there’s a lot of color correction going on in these…[Read more]

An orange look done with the Lorac pallet, mascara is revlon grow luscious, E.L.F. liner, brows are MAC veluxe pencil in brunette, no foundation, MAC MSF on the cheeks, burts bees on the lips

My face to hang out in my 110 year old Edwardian home with a couple of friends and an EMF reader c: Shadows are all from the first Lorac pro pallet, brows are MAC’s veluxe pencil in brunette, liner is ELF geliner, and Mascara is Revlon grow luscious. No foundation, no concealer. Cheeks are Revlons’ colorstay moisture stain in ‘miami fever’, lips…[Read more]

A simple black and gold make up. This was done using the first Naked pallet by Urban Decay, all of the shadows are UD. The liner is Black Radiance. Mascara is L’Oreal Volume Intense. Cheeks are Macs Petticoat MSF and Nars deep throat. Lips are Nars chihuahua gloss. Foundation is Mac’s face and body in c1.

This is the neutral look I used for work. Certainly not my favorite, but I figure I’d share. I used all mac, brows, face, everything. On the eyes, I used carbon, gesso, and satin taupe. The brows are Mac’s brow pencil in ‘fling’. Skin is Mac’s face and body in c1. I’m not wearing anything on my cheeks or lips. No primers used.

I used an old Avon pallet I had laying around and some Mac carbon.This is my “day look”, which I think compliments my resting bitch face perfectly! I use a mixture of greyish purples (gruples? purprey? …not brown enough for taupe?) and just kind of plop them on my eyelid and blend. Perfect for your everyday high femme satanist kinda person.