And haha I just spelled please wrong. .see above. 😉

Christine, this is an AMAZING website.. plesase! I think us gals can overlook a SMALL typo. 😉

Bobbi Brown foundations.. the brand isn’t perfect but I am BB girl at heart. Her foundations just give me skin a me but better look and I love how they even out my skin tone!

YEY.. WWendy you have just made my day cause I just ordered Black Ivy today! 😉 whohoo

I have a love hate with BB corrector and concealer.. they are for yellow undertone and I think I am a pink undertone! They cover my redness very well, even out my skin tone.. (that is worth it’s weight in gold […]

I know what you mean about the BB creams.. I just can’t find one that works for my skin.. I am very dry and I tinted moisturizer works best for me always.

Once I saw it on QVC and it did not look very appealing as they were putting it on the model lol!

Burts Bees.. don’t like it

If you have redness on your cheeks do you cover it and then blush over it or skip blush?

How do you cover up redness?

Stuff like that, thanks Christine! 😉 – Heather

I really like it! I like to give myself a healthy skin look.. I am so good at it that co workers have said they think I wear very little make up.. HA It takes a lot of make up/ skin care/ moisturizer, eye […]

Hi Christine, sorry to hear about your beauty accident! From the photo, this looks like it has an interesting texture.. I also felt that way when I saw the Dior Fluid Stick.. interesting looking texture. Have a […]

Oh Russian Red for sure. 😉

Hi Christine! So happy to be back on Temptalia, for awhile you weren’t in my emails .. but now I am getting them again YEY. Ever since I was about 12 I have had what my family called, Heather’s make up table. […]

A little off topic but Christine, congrats on the new look of your website. It’s FAB. :) Love it.

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