I’ve used eye drops on cream liners. That worked for me.

A genuine smile and a good attitude go a long way.

Yes! I’ve always thought that too! I’ve always found that movie to be visually stunning. I would definitely go for an eye palette based on those undersea scenes.

It’s been a while, but i think it was Bobbi Brown Oil Free tinted moisturizer. I really like the coverage, compared to other tinted moisturizers, plus the formula is great for summer, when I get really oily.

No, but I do get anxiety when I have to check a bag at the airport that has make up in it. I always worry about the bag getting lost in transit, and never reappearing. I don’t stress the clothes-just the make up 😉

I’m reading this on Sunday afternoon-a Sunday mostly dedicated to cleaning, so no make up so far today.

I’d prolly do a neutral eye and yse the dark blue as liner.

MAC Whirl lip liner over lip balm.

The right bronzer can work well for bronzing, contouring and as a crease eye shadow. And vice versa, the right eye shadow can be used to contour. I’ve even used a cream shadow for that-MAC Paintpot in Quite Natural.

These look so pigmented! I can’t wait to see the reviews.

This is an amazing giveaway! Thanks Christine!

I would try out the Ambient Light from Hourglass first.

I’m currently loving Lancome Effacernes. I especially like that it’s waterproof and holds up well in the summer humidity.

I’d love to try out Vivien!

I’d love to make a look out of those greens!

I don’t have any of these blushes, but I’d love to try them out!

MUFE Rough Artist Natural in N9. I got it in Sephora’s Birthday box and love it! If I want a super natural look, I’ll just use a little MAC Whirl liner and lip balm.

I put some foundation on the back of my hand and then use a MAC 130 brush to apply and buff it in. For thicker foundations, like MAC Pro Longwear, I’ll moisten the brush a little.

Yes! I get really annoyed when I do a strong eye look and then forget the mascara!

I would get some Caudalie divine oil and some MUFE eyeliners.

MAC Whirl. I could wear it with just lip balm or under any lipstick, since it works like a nude on me. It’s perfect to softly define my lips, and warm up my color just enough so I don’t look sick.

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