Wow!!! These are great prizes. I would be especially thrilled to get the Cle de Peau illuminator.

Siren #2 would make my green eyes pop! Siren #2 would bring out the grey/blue/hazel flecks.

Could you tell me how Greta compares to NARS Luxembourg (the Satin Pencil)? Thank you!

NARS Dolce Vita lip pencil and Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Fresco

I’m always so impressed by how you can create lovely looks out of subpar products. Any tips?

Love lorde but unfortunately we don’t neccessarily share the same taste in lipstick so I though I’d be passing for sure. This is actually something I might wear! I’ll have to see how it applies on me.

Do you know of a good dupe for garance?

I’m a college student, so I don’t often have to look particularly professional. So if I’m running really late, I sometimes just manage to clean my face. If I can do only one thing, it would be curling my […]

I love my green eyes, so I always try to play them up. But I have actually found that in many ways a red lip (or pink, or purple, or coral) can do more for green eyes than eye makeup. Ii do eye makeup and lipstick […]

Agreed! The Christmas 2013 palette is actually my current go-to, but I find the packaging kind of cheap and not something I want to keep on my dresser.

I’ve been in an eyeliner rut lately. I have been alternating between black, super-dark brown, and merely dark brown. Sometimes a purple slips in there.

Anything with red, pink, or purple undertones that make my green eyes pop! I actually find that a great lip product complements my eyes more than most eye makeup.

Oh yes, the formula is lovely! I had just heard a rumor that even if you loved the formula, this one was going to blow you out of the water…either way, it’s too bad that they are making the product more expensive

A little disappointed, since I had heard that these pearls were going to be a huge formula improvement. If they are basically the same as teint rose, and the price per ounce has been fairly dramatically changed, […]

These lists are really useful! Thank you! Are you still loving les voilettes?

Hmmm…..I’d either get a new foundation (armani or guerlain), or get the shisheido pore primer and and possibly a chanel lipstick (rouge allure velvet in La Malicieuse). Either way I should have about $10 left […]

Well the only person who criticizes me is my baby brother, who is 12. But I usually take it as a compliment, because 12 year old boys have, in general, a horrible aesthetic sense. His remarks are often hilarious, […]

Shu Uemura is having a 20% off plus free shipping sale today only! Code: SHUGREEN

I have been super impressed with CeraVe’s line, especially their PM moisturizer. No fragrance, proven ingredients, and a lightweight, comfortable texture.

Probably lips, but sometimes eyes.

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