This set finally got me. Put in my first Color Pop order today! I got this set and Fringe eyeshadow so it should be a good sampling of products.

I keep wanting to try this formula but already have so many dupes of colors I’m interested in. I’m going to pick up nude pop as soon as I see it though, it’s the only one unique enough that I don’t have anything similar.

NC 15
Maybelline Shocking Coral
Tarter Dollface
I don’t usually do a brow highlight, though sometimes I use my benefit Eye Bright pencil

A sharpener!

Kinda wish these were singles, I’d love the right half of jubilation but have no use for the left.

I’m totally interested in these! It’s weird how they’re the opposite of the shadows and get sheer when wet, but that might make this a good bronzer for my pasty winter skin!

I keep saying I’ll spend less on makeup. I did OK this year, I actually got into some drugstore brands with loreal eyeliner and Maybelline vivids. I keep thinking I have all the colors I would ever need, but […]

If I wear my gold dress I’ll do gold eyes and red lips (Urban Decay F-bomb) but if I wear my silver dress I’m doing silver eyes and plum lips (plum adagio from L’Oréal, haven’t worn it yet!)

The third row of the too faced palette will look lovely!

It’s so refreshing to see a colorful palette!

Definitely mascara. My eyes are extra sensitive to it, and whenever I try to find a good drugstore favorite I end up spending $30 on multiple tubes to find out they all irritate me then go back to Benefit anyway.

L’ORÉAL cobalt liner and Maybelline lipstick in Sin-a-mon

NC 15
I really loved my Urban Decay BOS2
Too Faced Bronze and Beautiful (sun bunny, snow bunny, and pink leopard)
Naked on the Run is the only one I’ve really tried

I’m so excited for this! My Naked2 has seen better days and I’ve wanted to “replace” it but get something new. (I can’t believe my naked pallet is three years old! )

Unconventional lip – Viva Glam Rihana 2, sometimes I layer it with a red gloss to vamp up the red, but by itself it’s very unconventional on me
Unconventional use – I mashed the sugar from the coffee maker […]

Last product you bought because of packaging? The MAC Aquatic lipstick and blushes. I love the water drops!
Last product you bought and returned? I really can’t remember. I’ve been buying smarter now that […]

I have a question – what brushes do you like to use for these shadows?

Yes!! I don’t live near a Nordstrom but free shipping and free returns!!!

What a great giveaway!

I mix a pump of my liquid foundation with my face cream and apply with my fingers, then use a large powder brush to press finishing powder into my skin. When I need better coverage I use my foundation straight […]

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