I picked up Plunge, Shark Attack, Coconut, and Nillionaire and I am drunk in love with them!

Love your response! You look lovely as always and I haven’t noticed a difference.

Maybelline makes a clear lip liner that I will always buy instead of UDs

There are a lot of fun colors I would like to try, but that I wouldn’t want to wear every day, so I’d rather pay a small price for a small amount of say, a bright orange lip pencil, than get a bargain on more […]

MAC Alluring Aquatic lipstick, which I lost :(

I’m always looking for a deal, and I’m always looking for quality. I’m more willing to spend on a high performing staple , like a moisturizer or foundation, than poor performing colorful eyeliner that I won’t […]

Urban Decay Crave, before that it was Demolition. Matte dark brown is almost always my choice.

Benefit Dallas is the only blush I’ve ever repurchased, I always get compliments when I wear it.

Does anyone know how this compares to benefit Dallas? Dallas is one of my go to shades, but it’s not in the swatch gallery :(

Almost any MAC Pearlmatte, especially Flower Fantasy

Unscented! I just returned the pressed meteorites I bought during the sephora sale because I could not stand the smell!

This set finally got me. Put in my first Color Pop order today! I got this set and Fringe eyeshadow so it should be a good sampling of products.

Do you think these would fit in the lip gloss slot of Naked on the Run?

I keep wanting to try this formula but already have so many dupes of colors I’m interested in. I’m going to pick up nude pop as soon as I see it though, it’s the only one unique enough that I don’t have anything similar.

NC 15
Maybelline Shocking Coral
Tarter Dollface
I don’t usually do a brow highlight, though sometimes I use my benefit Eye Bright pencil

A sharpener!

Kinda wish these were singles, I’d love the right half of jubilation but have no use for the left.

I’m totally interested in these! It’s weird how they’re the opposite of the shadows and get sheer when wet, but that might make this a good bronzer for my pasty winter skin!

I keep saying I’ll spend less on makeup. I did OK this year, I actually got into some drugstore brands with loreal eyeliner and Maybelline vivids. I keep thinking I have all the colors I would ever need, but […]

If I wear my gold dress I’ll do gold eyes and red lips (Urban Decay F-bomb) but if I wear my silver dress I’m doing silver eyes and plum lips (plum adagio from L’OrĂ©al, haven’t worn it yet!)

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