Absolutely not helpful most of the time. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve had makeup salespeople try to convince me to buy foundations that don’t even remotely match my skin tone just because it was […]

I just don’t understand why people still think that having a “violet scent” is a reasonable feature for a cosmetic product. Would you spray your perfume on your cheeks, or near your eyes? When will companies stop […]

Wow, that is shameful. When companies like LORAC are releasing sets of 12 single-pan, full-sized, AMAZING quality eyeshadows for $36, the fact that MAC still pulls this bs is ridiculous. I’m just disgusted with MAC.

Did they choose not to release the Anarchy face case? Shattered is up on their site, but Anarchy is nowhere to be found (unless I’m missing it).

I’ve always wanted to try Soft and Gentle because it’s so popular, but I really like the colored MSF’s too!

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