Really?!?! I totally missed that. Will keep an eye out for it, though!

I just thought today: why don’t we have chalkboard nail polish that you can actually write on with chalk? LOL, it’s pretty silly, and would probably only catch on with teenagers, but I’d buy some.

I think it’s often overpriced. I recently learned that 2% salicyilic acid is great for my skin condition. Very few pricey products have that, but you know what does? Oxy. I started using that and got better […]

These sound like the meh shades from the Nyx round lipsticks – too much slip to apply evenly, feathering, etc. At least some of the Rounds are good, though! And only around $2-4.

Yikes!! I was going to order a couple of their more ordinary colors from this line… glad I decided “If I can’t test it, I’m not paying $36 for it.” 😀

I just bought this, got it home, and realized some kind shopper had used it (testers, people – it’s what they’re there for!). I was going to go back and exchange it, but then I tried the Lolita eyeshadow palette […]

I just recently learned the trick for me! I have very dark brows, but they’ve always been very sparse. I would use a color “two shades lighter” and “less is more” because those were the standard rules I learned, […]

Well, that’s that. Gotta have it. Love the rose tones!

I bought one of the limited edition holiday 5-pans last year, and this doesn’t look all that different. That one was better quality than this (I think you ranked it higher, too). I’ll pass on this one. This […]

I have two of those – Moisture Surge Intense, which is super. I have normal skin, but use drying salicylic acid to treat a skin condition. MSI puts the moisture right back in, but isn’t greasy for me.

And you […]

I love love love that you struggled with this and then made it a teachable moment for everyone. It’s another reason why I admire you so much. :)

I think NARS has made an unwise choice here. All art belongs in a […]

These look so beautiful! I haven’t bought loose pigments in a while because I just prefer pressed. MUG’s pressed shadows are almost all fantastic and the ones that aren’t fantastic (that I have) are still really […]

Same here! Soooo tempting, but then I remember how the glitter shades just do not work on me. They don’t flatter me AND the glitter would end up in my eye if I used Elmer’s Glue to put it on. Thank goodness, as I […]

Well, I’m returning Hourglass’ top selling foundation primer (Veil) today, or possibly exchanging. I had a sample that was thick and worked beautifully, but all that will squeeze out of my full-size pump is a very […]

I bought a set of 5 over the holidays last year, including Slate and Violet. I find them better than Christine did, but not as good as you’re describing. I wonder if they’re just inconsistent? Weird!

Ulta has something like that here! You can spend your “points” toward products or salon services, and it’s just like cash – no restrictions.

Smashbox offers free continental US shipping on everything, plus samples, plus free lip glosses and stuff like that if you have a free account and buy between 9 and 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, you […]

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I like them for contouring, but struggle with the idea of bronzing your face to a different color than your neck. Years ago, Tarte made a fantastic liquid bronzer that absolutely never transferred onto my clothes, […]

The packaging is very similar to Bare Minerals’ loose shadows. Elf’s loose pigments use the same thing, too. I guess I’m just so used to seeing it from other brands that I’m not really understanding what people […]

I discovered I was sensitive to soy, got it out of my diet (as much as possible – it’s a hidden ingredient, but apparently I’m okay with trace amounts) and mine have been fine ever since.

Right now I’m […]

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