Useful as both an eye shadow base and highlighter for under the brow bone.

— Decent primer; eye shadows applied over it pop with color
— Has multiple uses
— Cheap

— Creases
— Not the easiest to apply; you can’t just apply it straight from the pencil without doing some work to fix it up
— Difficult to sharpen and…[Read more]

BOTTOM LINE: Try before you buy! It’s a cult classic for a reason, but is not right for everyone.

— Provides a luminous flush of pink with a hint of peachy-golden sheen
— Pigmented
— Buildable; easy to create the look you want
— Good quality, smooth, and applies evenly
— If you want a matte blush, this is NOT it. There is…[Read more]

My favorite dupe for upscale liners. Easy to blend when you put it on, but once it dries, it stays put all day and night.
— Good quality
— Blendable until it dries
— Stays put all day

— Terrible on the waterline; it makes my eyes irritated

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