Pity about the palette. Petulance looks wonderful on you though!

I didn’t realise before that I had cheekbones and some semblance of a bone structure. I still need to contour it but it doesn’t take that much effort to define them. Also, I never appreciated my lips until I […]

Soleil d’Orient is absolutely gorgeous!

I like switching around during the day. Only one pair of lips, but so many colours to try…

Highlighter and Green Ivy are very beautiful!

A whole lot. To be fair, I go overseas for school tournaments and end up making up a lot of my schoolmates when there. =X

OCC Starling, and I just tried Bobbi Brown Uber Seude yesterday! I think the peach tones in Marion would suit me better though.

Makeup isn’t the norm in Singapore, so I get asked a lot why I bother with the emo eyeliner and don’t I know I look so much better without it. I get that it’s meant to be a compliment and to assuage any imaginary […]

Yes, one of the most affordable mattes ever!

Ooooh. Grand Pumpkin is lovely!

Feels a lot more wearable than the first Basics palette. I never picked it up because all the the light colours would look the same on my lid.

MAC Dainty or MAC Coralista for anyone with cool light skin tones like me! It’s not possible to overdo those blushes, and they are so pretty.

Gosh I really love this duo! Especially Future, it’s such a gorgeous colour.

I think I’ve fallen in love with Style Approved!

That’s so disappointing! I was tempted to buy it as a birthday treat to myself, but it looks like I won’t then. =( Thank goodness for your makeup reviews!

They’re packaged so beautifully. <3

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i mostly use my Ecotools fan brush for a light dusting across my cheekbones. Sometimes I use a large eyeshadow brush so I can highlight my nose bridge and add a larger concentrate of highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones.

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MAC Soft and Gentle is my go-to highlighter! I love how it’s useable on a huge variety of skintones.

BB cream, a bit of eyeliner and mascara, and a matte red lip.

I mostly own palettes, because they’re so much more value for money.

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