Shame they are too dark for my liking because the formula looks great and there was plenty of them at my local Sephora.

Got the opal lipstick instead

I don’t want to sound cheesy, but my first reflex it so go on Temptalia, look for review, swatches. I also check out if there’s any drama around them.

I was excited, then saw all the shade I like where permanent. I’ll fill up my pro palet instead! Lipstick sounds interesting

I’m soooo getting Mermaid Tail when it’s back on. Shame they are not in store. Am I dreaming, but they seams to have a little slot to depot them. If so, they are even more “I want That”.

Avène SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR CREAM. I have a bit of an eczema outbreak around my eyes. The lady at the cosmetic counter told me it was amazing nd she had eczema too and use it too. OMG, it’s amazing, it’s one eye […]

I used to swear by Jack Black, but I once dicided to check the ingredients and saw “Petrolatum”. I didn’t like that. Since that I switched to L’Occitane SHEA ZESTY LIME LIP BALM which I really find hydrating.

I’d wear Roadstripe, Hoodoo and Goddess

thanks, that’s good to know.

Bae is calling my name. I’m not suposed to buy more make up, but I might be tempted if the review is good.

I wonder if they are “depotable” cause now I streamline my collection on Z palettes

Thanks for the swatches. I tought Caitlin Rose could be a dupe for Ransom Deluxe Eyeshadow, but it’s way less blue. But there are shade I disregarded that looks better swatched.

Oh yeah, Canada is included!

Shame because last year was the first time it was available for Canadians and simple BI.

Back in 2009, Sephora stores in Quebec would not carry Urban Decay. I wanted the Book of Shadow 2 sooooo bad. But the shipping was crazy expensive (the palete was already expensive for me). A friend in Toronto […]

I got a short haircut (think top of my ear). It looked great in the magazine, but the model didn’t had thick hair. I was also trying a new hairdresser cause mine was sick. It was a disaster.

“And I’d never let anyone but my eye specialist near my eyes ”
this, this! Even then I hate people (or even me) touching my eye. It took years before I could apply mascara or let somone do it.

No way. It’s like tattoo, I’d never do that on my face.

I do it by brands, it looks more uniform from the top and I don’t have tons of polish anyway

I hope #2 wins (and I hope I win the giveaway, as it’s only available on which doesn’t ship dirrectly to Canada)

what a shame the kit is a VIB rouge exclusive :(

Clé de Peau #2 Lip Gloss would be the first on my list (I’d get 2 of them!. NARS Tolede Lipstick, NARS Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil, I’d get some Bliss body butter and shower gel in the biggest size, the whole […]

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