I do the same – I go watch youtube tutorials on the eyeshadows etc that I already own, but am bored of and uninspired by. Seeing someone do something new with it generally makes me dig it out all over again.

My plan is to go through my collection, and see where I have any holes (for instance I still need a highlighter) and make a list of those as approved purchases to spread throughout the year. And then allow myself […]

I love that the description now tells us which products are permanent and which were LE. I’ve so many times found something I hoped to be a better choice, only to have it be LE. So thank you!

kiehl’s midnight recovery!

I love the Tarte Aqualillies palette. It is an easy ‘one stop does all’ which I love in a palette. Add mascara, foundation and lip color and nothing else is needed. Plus the colors in it are pretty great!

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