Something about the smoked imagery makes me want to have it but I don’t really like the look of it – it feels a little cheap!

I’m really excited about these extension to the range! The Black(out) was one of my favourite formula, and Buff looks amazing!!

I adore Real Techniques brushes so I’m so excited to see these start popping up! I hope they’ll be available in Canada soon!

Thanks Christine!! Perfect timing for the VIB sale at Sephora that’s happening right now. The KvD and Marc Jacobs contour powders weren’t originally on my list, but into the basket they’re going! And of course, […]

Christine, can you tell us in your review, how the formula stacks up to the Clinique cheek pops? Trying to only buy a couple of things from the upcoming VIB sale!!

Literally every colour under the rainbow! Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t check out your blog because my wallet thinks “Goodbye hard-earned money!” 😀 This release is so huge!!

OMG! I am excited about all the bright colours – the blushes look amazing and I’m so looking forward to this release!!

I love MAC’s cream colour base! This is such an amazing summer highlight shade that doesn’t lean too warm!

I’m so glad Clinique decided to expand the range! Now the hardest part is narrowing down which ones I want most :( This colour is so so unique though!

Metallic Macaron looks amazing :) Love the shade on medium skintones!

OMGOMG! I can’t decide what I want :( All the colours are so so beautiful – so much for trying to limit myself to only buying 2!

I actually liked how this look as a highlight! Like expected, it was more pink which complements my golden skin tone more. Maybe I’ll swatch it at MAC to see how it looks in person!

Was looking forward to Siahl to blow me away but I quite like Royal Wink and Silverstroke as substitutes for now!

I had quite the expectations when it comes to MAC’s lipsticks, and High Tea was one I was most looking forward too! Such a shame that it doesn’t deliver with the swatches!

I love the design of this highlighter! Reminds me of palm trees :) It’s a little too beige-y for me, maybe the other one will work better on my skintone!

I was curious about this interpretation to the Hourglass powders, and wow, TF did not really think it through! Sounds pretty bad if your husband actually asked if you were okay! Imagine wearing that outside!

What an interesting brush, though it seems to be more of marketing gimmick than anything :/

The packaging does look and feel a little cheap to me, especially at the premium price EL is charging! I’m not sure if the lipgloss-type texture would do much on the skin to be honest!

Love this shade! I feel like this is a colour that would work on many different skintones!

I’m really loving this formula of HD blushes! This is another staple shade!

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