Christine, I think you’re very right about this. I support your decision not to review, and would have supported you even if you had elected not to associate with the collection whatsoever. I think you’ve done a […]

‘Poppy Paradise’ Josie Maran cheek gelee. It’s the only product of Josie Maran’s that I own, and I’ve stocked up 3 pots. I use it as a lip and cheek color, and it nearly perfectly matches my natural blush color. […]

I’m so surprised you had a bad experience with this! (Although, I did notice how powdery it is — yeesh, it’s a dust storm.) But then again, I have extremely fair skin, and I feel like it shows up very dark on me. […]

Oh jeez. When I saw the release I thought I’d be going nuts over a lot of this. Now I think I might actually pass on the whole thing. Guess I’ll wait for the detailed reviews…

Because it’s beautiful! I swear, only women have to justify the morality of beauty. Men are free to equate the good with the beautiful all they want, but when women appreciate or appropriate beauty, it’s […]

I loved Framboise so much that I ordered ‘You Don’t Know Bordeaux’, in anticipation of fall. And I’m crazy about it! I’m really interested in swatching more of their lip cremes soon, because the colors are so […]

I’d be upset if Stila discontinued their stay all day liquid liners. They’re so easy! I’m a complete spaz about putting my makeup on, and I still get really shapely cat eyes out of that liner. I think I’ve bought […]

Have to agree with Burberry! And I went ahead with your curated Le Metier set, since you think the fig shadow would work as a liner. I’m so looking forward to it!

I’m sooooooo tempted! It looks like such a nice headstart on my Fall makeup wardrobe, and I don’t own any LMdB products yet. The only thing I’m concerned about is using the fig shadow. It’s a pretty color, but I’m […]

Ole Henrikson lemon strip flash peel. I have pore issues, and people spoke highly of it, so I blew about $50 on it. Lord almighty! It actually burned my face. I had huge swollen red spots the next day. I had to […]

Looks a lot like Butter London’s Wallis. Not an exact dupe, but close! And lovely.

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