The colors look gorgeous, but i know her eyeshadow formula has been spotty in the past. Will wait for review/swatches to show up online. Plus it looks super inefficiently packaged, but i get the inspiration being […]

Benefit never captures my attention anymore. Probably because their products are always so hyped but are only ever ok. They aren’t terrible, just not deserving of the level of hype they get for each and every new […]

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They need to add more eyeshadow colors that are not neutrals.

Hammered is gorgeous! Anytime I wear it, I get so many compliments. Its such a pretty olive green.

I have Nails Inc Bruton Mews on my nails. Its the perfect forest green.

they just posted a release date and picture of the inside on facebook!

This looks like a mix of F-Bomb and Gash.

An all in one shampoo/body wash/ conditioner type of product that is specially formulated for removing chlorine from hair and skin and leaving the hair and skin clean, soft, hydrated, and lightly smelling good. […]

Sephora Collection’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. Its wonderful, and has alot of colors to choose from.

I live in nebraska, if its raining or chance of snow, I wear waterproof makeup. I never wear fake lashes because it is so windy out here. I always wear moisturizer, always wear spf. In the summer I tend to wear […]

i like mixing a liquid or cream highlighter (like benefit’s girl meets pearl or josie maran’s argan illumanizer) into my primer, so that i’m a little bit glowy all over under my foundation, and then areas that […]

I’d probably wear the grey on the lid with the purple in the crease. there are so many colors, that could do quite a bit of looks.

Clean White Woods is my new one, previously it was some blackberry amber perfume oil that i don’t remember where I got it from.

I love how labs have those big brown cow eyes. If labs started mooing it would not surprise me. I just hauled some of the nails inc polishes that are on sale at sephora. The texture/effect ones, curious about them […]

There are a few i’m really wanting, but generally the deals last year were better. They should have specific deals for vib and vib rouge levels of beauty insider.

this looks so pretty!!!

I’m really loving Clean’s White Woods fragrance right now.

i love palettes or value sets of things.

make yourself youthful by soap and glory. its got a very nice texture, and moisturizes really well.

bronzer. I’m so pale that any bronzer ends up looking orange, or overly dark on me. Plus i have no need to contour my face and i love my paleness.

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