I really had high hopes for this duo but thanks for saving my money! It’s such a shame because colors look lovely in the pan! :(

Panic is the only one that could work for me. Other shades seem too warm :/

Talk about size reduction! Also, I’d like to add that you in the US are ‘the lucky ones’ since we in Europe pay even more for the same products!
I know that many people don’t even look at the size of the product […]

These are really excellent! So far I got only one shade – 120 Desirable and I got it because it was on sale. Their regular price in Croatia is $60! That’s just dreadful! Hopefully I’ll be able to order them from […]

I’m glad I don’t like anything from this collection since I kinda splashed my money around with their Fall collection so I’ll look forward to Spring next year 😀

This palette is excellent for having five different shades at one place which means I can easily switch through shades everyday when going to work without giving it much thought which one to wear! I prefer simple […]

What a shame, it could be such a perfect lip color! :(

Just notice I sad the wrong shade is my favorite, LOL! I meant 202, not 204, sorry! :)

It’s such a shame since this color really is gorgeous. I’ve noticed that many companies struggle with shades like Studded Kiss – for some reason this shade is tricky and most of the times it’s uneven in […]

This looks so pretty! This duo immediately caught my attention! 😀

I’d wear Ruby Woo with thick black eyeliner and glowy cheeks <3

I’d also recommend Kryolan for amazing black lipstick. Not sure if they have a green one, but I know they also have awesome blue and purple shades which I love!

I just love their holiday palettes! :)

Vesna is loving MAC 2 years ago

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