I’ll probably pick up another Maracuja Oil and one of the Too Faced Sweetheart blushes, but other than that this sale has me pretty underwhelmed.

When I first got into makeup, MAC seemed very hip and cool. My first MAC eyeshadow was Expensive Pink, and from there I was hooked. But lately I have been annoyed by them pretty consistantly. I am preaching to the […]

Bold, blue pinks like MAC’s St.Germain or Maybelline’s Pink Pop (vivid). Orange-y reds also don’t look very good on me because of my fair, cool skin.

Definitely the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native. It’s a beautiful shade and it goes great with my fair skin, but I found the formula to be too slippy (I’d get lipstick smeared into my Cupid’s bow). I have […]

Definitely shower stuff like body wash and Lush’s famous body “conditioners”. I always get big sizes of the Lush Rose Jam body wash since it’s seasonal, so it can add up.

I have a few blues in palettes. Most are completely untouched, save swatches.

I think it’s kind of problematic to release a vault like this. Being honest, anyone who is willing to buy a $280 UD set probably already has at least one Naked palette. And it seems a little redundant to buy a […]

Either the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette or Benefit’s Georgia blush!

Wow what a shame about the applicator and the tube! I’ve never seen that before..even in $2 drugstore glosses. I would be horrified if something like this exploded in my purse!

I had the same problem with their Lip Loves! They were supposed to smell like honey, but they REEKED of it to the point that they were pretty unbearable.

For me it’s the Aussie Three Minute Miracle. It works great, but the weird chemical coconut scent makes me gag…and it lingers on my hair for days! As for make up, I get really frustrated with heavily scented […]

I got Woodstock in a palette (Original Vice, I think). I found that the Woodstock in that palette was crumbly and didn’t have great pigmentation. It didn’t have even payoff like the one swatched above. Kind of […]

Can you say holiday eye look??

Heck yes!
I once accidentally ordered an extra Smashbox eyebrow powder pot and when everything was said and done I couldn’t return it. Now I can’t try anything new for months because I’m only halfway through the […]

Benefit’s Benetint for beach/boat days and MAC’s “Cream Soda” for every day!

I lost my very favorite nail polish (OPI “The World Is Not Enough”) and I was so upset at myself because I went through so much trouble to get it (boils down to bad customer service on Amazon). The other day I […]

The great scourge that was sew-in neon hair feathers.

I’d wear Flamingo with light eyeshadow and some volumizing mascara.

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