yaaaaaay! I want allll the brushes. and blushes!

What are your thoughts on limited edition collections? Do you prefer that brands only have permanent products, have a few limited edition products a year, or have lots of limited edition products?

Which matters […]

Oh man, you are going to be doing A LOT of lipstick testing over the next week(s?) between this & the MAC collections!

Did you swatch all of these & the MAC lipsticks in one day? Your poor lips!

Emi is loving Audrey 4 months ago

Gah, I am so tempted by this, despite finding the Meteorites pearls to be a bit too shimmery for my preferences. Would you say this has a similar sparkle/shimmer level as the original Meteorites pearls and the […]

I’m so happy that you’ve been swatching more drugstore products lately! It’s incredibly helpful since it’s not possible to swatch in-store & it’s harder to find complete sets of swatches online.

There is currently one review for this on Sephora and it made me giggle:

QUICK TAKE: power, eternal youth, unicorn, magick
I emptied my bank account to buy this nail polish and it was so worth it. In two days […]

Thank you for posting this! I have been thinking about (finally) pulling the trigger and splurging on a Rouge G, and this is incredibly helpful.

Thank you for the review – if I didn’t already have Cruella, I’d be tempted!

I’ve been meaning to ask – is there a way to use the swatch gallery to view all shades of certain product? For example, I would like […]

Thanks! I actually looked at this comparison earlier, I really like the feature! i was just not sure if it was coming up correctly because Sculpt looks way warmer on you than it does on me. I am super excited […]

Do you know how Taupe compares to MAC’s sculpting powder in Sculpt? Particularly in terms of undertone & pigment level.

All three of these look great to me, honestly!

Ooh this sounds like just my kind of formula – long wearing & very little transfer, but not the weird long-wearing/plasticky type finish. I hope the non-metallic shades are as good! Plus, that packaging is awesome.

When they are dirty! That varies by brush – if it’s a single purpose brush (e.g. setting powder) it only needs washing once a week at most, and maybe less. If I use it with a cream or a bright eyeshadow, one use […]

It looks lovely on you, but OMG the scent sounds awful. I will stay far, far away.

Ooh, this color is great!

Haul: All three of the LE Wet n Wild Coloricon bronzer/blushes. Oh and last weekend I got one of Revlon’s new Moisture Stains.

Weekend plans: Sleep!

Relax: Sleep, read blogs, play with makeup, hang out with my wife.

Thank you for the review – I was intrigued by these, but after swatching in store it seemed like they wouldn’t work at all on the cheeks and I wouldn’t love the texture on the lips. This confirms that impression, […]

Gorgeous color, and you are REALLY making me want to finally bite the bullet and get one of these cream blushes!

All six of these crayons are gorgeous, and the formula sounds amazing! *adds to wishlist*

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