I would wear Metallic Bunny probably like every day. Love the colour and the name!

I’ve been trying out cream contour every day with my new RCMA palette and I’d love to try the Kat von D and see how it might be different!

I’d be most excited to win the Hourglass lip oil! I’ve been wanting to try that for a long time.

I’m OCD-level sequential with my makeup and like to use stuff up in order… is that weird? So I’d probably focus on one blush at at time and use it up… even from left to right because I’m a total weirdo >_<

Unf! I’ve been looking forward to this collection for such a long time! I’ve hoarded so many Météorites pearls but I can’t resist the new packaging…! I also can’t wait to check out the eyeshadow quad!

How would I wear the products? Well… kind of gingerly, since I’d be a bit loath to admit to my friends that I have a Rihanna-endorsed product… she’s a controversial figure in my particular social circles :/

I would wear every single shade combination in sequence for the next n days. It would be the funnest.

I’d wear the blue traced just above some black liquid cat-eye liner!

As a lid colour with some glitter glue! 😀

I have quite a few Rouge Automatiques and I never notice how small and stubby the bullet is until I look at your photos… :/ I guess in real life the sliding action razzle-dazzles me into not minding, hee hee hee

Any thoughts on using it to contour/carve out cheekbones?

Weird. The clusters of bristles aren’t even even (is there a better way to say that?). This feels very much like a novelty item. At least it’s not too expensive.

Just as I was planning my first Hakuhodo order! I hope there will be comparisons between those long flat brushes and the Hakuhodo Itabake brushes.

I’ve wanted to try Shroom as a browbone highlight for a long time!

Rio would make a great blush + highlighter all in one!

Dare to Bare would make a great highlight shade for the inner part of the lid!

I would layer Razzledazzler in the centre of my lip, over top of Neon Orange. I think that would look crazy!

I would probably try Exotic Ember on the eyes!

I definitely want to try Caspian Sea as a vivid lid colour! I’ve never owned MAC Parrot but I remember it was very hyped up… that shade is a major draw for this palette, for me!

omg I am devastated that this is the last collection in this series! My dreams of a Sleeping Beauty makeup line are crushed!

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