I regularly do purging and seeing if my products work the same. I also try to keep them organized.

-good quality, but not overfiltered and oversaturated photos
-when necessary, an indication of the skintone, the coloring, the skin type and other details from the reviewer (the others: like, if she is […]

I started make-up in my late teens – with no proper skincare, and I was like, colorful! loud! bright! – that’s what make-up should be… and I really only emphasized my eyes. My application also left […]

Let’s see…

drugstore (Europe): Astor… they are never really groundbreaking, their new products are usually dull, and they are crazy expensive compared to other drugstore brands (maybe not Loreal, but they […]

Especially my parents, “A make-up artist doesn’t have this many stuff”… come on, they have clearly not seen a make-up artist yet :D.

Mostly self-taught… but youtube tutorial videos helped me a lot, too.

It depends. Some men tend to treat me as if I was easier to get when I was wearing a little bolder (not trashy or tasteless at all) make-up. But in stores (beauty or fashion), I usually get nicer treatment, […]

OMG, too many to choose from…

-a Miss Congeniality one with really fun names would be super cool.
-The Devil Wears Prada (maybe there is one… anyways, cerulean ftw!!!)
-Beauty and the Beast […]

Definitely seasonal colors and scents (like body wash), “unwearable”, crazy colors, crazy design fake lashes, and more or less products that you don’t go through that quickly – blushes, color eyeshadows, lipsticks […]

- have a skincare routine
– find out your skin type, and get products thatare good for it… and get dry shampoo!!!
– use products that deal with your hair problems, don’t just use whatever is at home
– don’t […]

I would wear warm neutral colors and coppery shades from the original on my eyes, terracotta lips and bronzer.

The rose on the lid, cocoa in the crease, for example. But it is a tough choice, this is a really versatile palette!

I keep boxes of lipsticks (or boxes of similar width, for nail polish or sample haircare, for example) for lipstick storage DIY. I also keep nicer looking jars for DIY projects. Nice bigger boxes (usually from […]

Mascara, lip color, concealer… you name it, I’ve forgotten it :D.

Beatles type mushroom hair as a 6-7-8 year-old girl… my parents would not let me change, but I finally rebelled :D.
Also, once, before a school yearbook photo, I wanted some loose curls in my hair… the […]

Creamsicle orange lip colors, for sure.

Quite a few.
-the dark blue-ish shimmery nail polish from this year’s MAC summer collection
-Essence’s gel tints – I could get two when they were discontinued, but I could not get the other two…
-I think it […]

MAC. I would love to make my own thematic collection :D.

a light orange (not coral) cream that would match my complexion.

I have some on mind, like a yellow-gold-orange duochrome… or any glitter that is opaque in one coat. Also an almost white but still not kind of blue, that is not grey-toned.

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