There are some.

The perfect greige.
A range of satin shimmer matte colors without any shine that is too tacky and too glittery for my taste (for example a slightly muted purple leaning fuchsia pink would be pretty)

If it’s raved about by vlogger and bloggers I trust (who make thorough reviews) and if it is something I have been looking for for ages :D.

I would be really interested to see Elie Saab, Zac Posen or Balmain come out with original items…

Let’s just see

-opaque wearable cream finish lipglosses which don’t settle that much into lines (but some vampier colors would be great, too)
-more complex mineralize type blushes or overall blushes with a […]

I didn’t wear too much make-up in my teens, only concealer and chapstick. So, my tips:
-get a mirror when you apply tinted chapstick, because it can run outside the lines
-don’t wear cherry-stained chapstick […]

I definitely agree. I would definitely go for a really subtle look for a more standard job interview. Foundation, concealer, powder (not too cakey), mascara… for the eyes, a two-toned matte look (a skintone one […]

Well… school: mostly winged out liquid liner in black or a brownish type light eyeshadow look and a healthy nude lip color… but if I feel like, I wear bolder colors.

Work… hahahah. Depends on the work. […]

Oh and definitely, don’t wear eyeshadows that are the shade of your eyes… it’s bs. I mean, if you want your eye color to pop, don’t wear that, but you don’t have to make your eye color pop to have a harmonious […]

Definitely my nr. 1 pick is that you should only emphasize either your eyes / lips / blush… For a party, a daring smokey eye with blood red lips is just classic, not weird in any way.

-all this the […]

Eyebrows. I was matching my eyebrow pencils to my dark brown hair exactly, and I felt something was off, and I could not point out what was wrong. Then, some beauty guru talked about that an ashier, gray-er toned […]

My stash is pretty eclectic; there’s no reigning brands here. I would say the brands I have the most products from are probably Catrice, Essence, Rival de Loop Young and Avon.


Hungary does not have too many known Hungarian brands, so I am going to put in some non-Hungarian brands, too, which are not too common in other countries, as far as I know it.

Catrice – it is the […]

There are loads… I really got into skincare lately, so I probably didn’t use anything other on my face than make-up remover, soap and pharmacy alcohol for breakouts… now I’m trying to do the 3-step regimen […]

Anything with honey or chamomile – I am allergic for those ingredients.
Anything with some weird animalic liquid – because they creep me out.

There was a cheapie kind of eyeshadow palette, from which all the colors except one fell out… and that was the only color that was useful – it was a semi-pigmented matte brown, perfect for blending and my […]

I just cannot get myself to wear false lashes… the whole thought is intimidating for me. The same with crazy colored lipsticks, any kind of sparse glitter, really jelly lipglosses.

It depends. As for skincare… well, I love my lotions and body washes to be a bit more fragranced (I like more complex, but refreshing scents… like sweeter citrus, a bit of floral or perfume-y thrown in, but […]

I regularly do purging and seeing if my products work the same. I also try to keep them organized.

-good quality, but not overfiltered and oversaturated photos
-when necessary, an indication of the skintone, the coloring, the skin type and other details from the reviewer (the others: like, if she is […]

I started make-up in my late teens – with no proper skincare, and I was like, colorful! loud! bright! – that’s what make-up should be… and I really only emphasized my eyes. My application also left […]

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