I’d wear these very proudly, the more often I can!

Maybe my impression is wrong, I look forward to seeing your review!

I have a sense of deja vu, don’t you? :-)

I’d wear the light palette with a bold red lipstick!

With a bold red lipstick!

I’d wear these eyeshadows with a fuchsia lipstick!

I’d wear the lightest shadest of the Too Faced Sugar & Spice Set with a bold lipstick!

I’d wear it very proudly! Merry Christmas Christine!

I’d wear first Michiyo!

I’d wear it every day, very proudly!

Playful Honey !!!

Galiane could be your MLBB!

Let’s say bye-bye to 50 bucks… :-)

You are so gorgeous!

I’d wear it with Ruby Woo on my lips!

I’d wear the colors of this palette with a huge smile!

I would wear these eyeliners just to give a glow around my eyes!

Over a black eyeshadow to glow my Xmas smoky makeup!

A smoky-eyes makeup and nude lips!

Soft & Gentle is Amazing, I can wear it everyday with everything, it’s the perfect highlighter!

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