I would use the palette to compliment my zillions of beautiful shimmery shades… finally all those shimmer-bomb palettes will have the perfect accompaniment!

I would use this as a tool to make sure I wear a different blush every day to work! Keeps things interesting, and keeps me from getting in a rut! It will also be a great compact way to bring multiple shades when I travel.

I’d definitely prefer the Chroma palette. All those eyeliners look enticing!

I would definitely use the gift card to get the Tom Ford bronzer in Gold Dust, and the new Christian Louboutin nail polish in that beautiful bottle.

I’m so excited for these I might die. I absolutely adore the four I bought this spring (Blood Orange, Sweety, Satsuma, and Grape), but they’re all so boldly… I think neon is the best word to describe them… […]

I would use the gift card for some new Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks, my first Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks, and to try out some BB creams or tinted moisturizers to find something lighter for the summer.

For those nights when I’ll have to run quickly from work to a holiday party, I can grab RiRi Woo, 2x Dare 1, 2, and 4, and Cockiness Superslick Eyeliner for a quick, sparkly, perfectly holiday ready look.

There are a number of people whose constructive criticism I actively seek out, so when I receive it from them, I’m pleased.

When I get those people who so “helpfully” comment that I don’t need to wear makeup […]

If it wouldn’t be a financial hardship for you, buy some black lipstick and wear it around your mom. Tell her “THIS is black lipstick. This is what I look like in it. If I don’t look like this, I am not wearing […]

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