Ugh. The pigmentation might be good, but all the colors are going to mush together on the lid.

*paws at screen*

Ebates is wonderful, and so is this giveaway! I’ve been using them for a few months now.

My Tom Ford Silvered Topaz quad came in! I LOVE it. The quality is fantastic.

I also managed to get ahold of Nude Dip, but it doesn’t ship until Sept 30th. It actually looks as though I may be getting my […]

Nope! My sister would be the only person I’m willing to loan my things to, but she uh … pretty much rejects anything and everything I purchase at all outright! She’s one of those “drugstore is fine and high-end […]


* Tom Ford Negligee arrived! The formula is now on my list of lipsticks that play fairly with my lips. I don’t find it hydrating, but it also doesn’t cause my lips to peel off. I’d consider […]

I’d use mine for a pile of Guerlain Kiss Kiss, or maybe to kickstart a perfume collection…

I went into some random salon with a picture of Mariska Hargitay’s layered ‘do when she had it down to her shoulders.

I walked out looking like this: […]

I’ll be able to test it once I stop being sick. :) Haha, it was hilarious — I tried to put some eyeshadow on in total defiance yesterday and it creased in an hour and a half. The power of illness compels […]

Tom Ford Nude Dip (maybe) — I got lucky and caught it when it got stocked online at Nordstrom’s the second time, but there’s probably a high chance they’re going to cancel it on me between now and its estimated […]

Burberry eyeshadow singles, Burberry mascara, or Burberry lipsticks. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of those.

Givenchy, so I could make their formula stop causing my lips to fall off in giant cornflakes.

Your links to Saks be borked!

Also, I want Negligee. I will probably *have* Negligee. Augh.

Dior Fluidsticks. They all pull screamingly orange on me. >:|

A La Parisienne, mostly because I knew Apres L’Ondee would be a good addition, but I wasn’t too certain of Parisienne. Turns out they’re both quite good for me!

Haul: Waiting on Guerlain Shine Automatique A La Parisienne and Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Apres L’Ondee, both of which should be arriving today.

Weekend Plans: Gardening, art, and work! Also, seeking out a […]

I would probably try a bunch of Bite Beauty, try some of the new Givenchy even though I know for a fact they won’t work for me, pick up some face primer, *definitely* get some backups of NARS Smudgeproof, and […]

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick in Sk202. Seems to be a dupe of the original formula’s Comtesse de Cayla, and Burberry’s Nude Rose. The frostiness of it surprised me, and I really don’t like the holder. :(

Oh, good lord. Since the last time I replied to one of these, I’ve purchased:

Hakuhodo J146
Hakuhodo K007

Burberry Shadows:
3 Porcelain
6 Almond
21 Midnight Brown
22 Pale Barley

PUR Minerals Argan […]

Yeah, that’s pretty much the whole of it. It really depends, and I will go back to a counter a few times so I can ask questions of different SAs and gauge just how much of a damn they give. Unfortunately, where I […]

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