Yeah the $52 price tag is sort of obscene & keeping me from buying Naked 2 so soon after I bought Naked 1. I mean, I understand inflation and all…but it’s starting to become a bit ridiculous how much various […]

YESSS! So happy :) I’ve used the UD 24/7 Liners for yeaaaars religiously but my first ever palette/shadow purchase from them was the Naked Palette last year and I LOOOVE IT. Super excited for this ever since it […]

It’s really hard for me to pull off most pinks with my skintone so I took a big (for me) leap and tried Shameless. I looooved it! I was so shocked how well it works on my tan/deeper skin tone. Even my Mum, who is […]

Oh wow, I was afraid to try these and be disappointed but they look gorgeous! Especially that Mink color! 😀

Depends. When I’m trying out new products, I usually hang onto the boxes for a few months in case I need to return or exchange. Also, a few products I hang onto the boxes for the ingredient lists but even those […]

Oh wow. I’m impressed by how pigmented this is! Definitely might be a good highlighter for me :) Looks so lovely on you!

I heard rumors a while back about UD Electric or something like that…but nothing came out of it so I figured it was just people inventing things…but a new colorful range would be awesome. Lol. UD Rainbow […]

$20 for sheer gloss that barely lasts four hours? I don’t really understand the point – especially for those of us with pigmented lips who already need stronger color in our lip products. I’m a huge UD junkie […]

I know! I was so excited :) since it means I can much more easily justify new purchases in 2014 😀

Part of me was hoping you would recommend this – because I love golds & purples. But part of me was hoping you would say this was bad since there are so many other products I want to spend my money on…ahhh I’m […]

Meh. I’m not an Osbourne fan so I’ll be giving this collection a pass. (Also, the shadow quad Sharon’s holding up looks pretty blah – my resolution for 2014 is no more neutrals/nudes :D…too many in my […]

Some of those shades look pretty warm tbh. Wish I could get Pearled Earth separately though.

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