Oh my goodness. I went a little crazy when I saw these this morning. So beautiful!

My only gripe with Laura Mercier is that sometimes their palettes don’t look very nice. :( Even though the Christmas artist palette was so good, I couldn’t get past the not so nice looking packaging.

My goodness your nails look like they’re shining, Christine. So pretty!

I used to love Too Faced for their packaging, but recently, it is their packaging that turns me off to them. :(

All these lipsticks look so bright and vibrant, I feel like I need them all. You look beautiful here, Christine!

peach passion looks so great on you! =)

It looks so lovely on you! I wish the packaging didn’t look so drugstore though =(

I am loving all the taupey rosey shades that so many brands have been putting out lately :)

They are the same size and the same price, so at least we won’t be losing in that aspect :(, but I feel like they would be just like the fortified skin enhancers with a new name.

You look so lovely with the no-makeup-makeup look!

I so excited everytime I see that A+. 😀

You look so beautiful, Christine!

Christine, will you be reviewing these? =)

wet taupeish eyeshadow for brows, gives a nice natural stain =)

Wow, Christine! Your hair looks so gorgeous!

I need this so bad right now I’m getting cold sweat. These these taupes are driving me insane. I hope it dies down by the time they release at counters, because my wallet definitely won’t like it.

A beautiful orange/coral blush with bronze eyeshadow!

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