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Finding a good eyelash curler depends on your own individual eye-shape. If you liked the Shu uerema eyelash curler, you’ll also find this MAC curler fitting to your eye shape as they are quite similar in curvature. Try Shiseido’s curler if your eyes are more flat.

I find with all eyelash curlers, the best way to get a great curl and not an…[Read more]

High-beam may seem like a favorite for many as a highlighter. but i think its pearly white iridescence is flattering only for skin with pink undertones. I’m a light medium at NC25 and High Beam looked very ashy on my yellow under toned Chinese skin, especially when I put it near my eyes or brows. A peachier iridescence (Shimmering Skin Perfector…[Read more]

Effacernes is definitely an underrated product as it works great as an under eye concealer and brightener. It provides enough coverage to hide dark circle, yet is quite hydrating and does not set into lines. The color selection offered in North America is different from International.

I’m a NC25 with Chinese yellow undertoned skin, and my…[Read more]