Something not everyone may be aware of is that Sleek have in the past trio blush palettes, used blushes that have been available for years in their single palette form.

I made the mistake of purchasing the LACE […]


I adore the new Chanel cream blushes and my purse is happy to have found a dupe in the new Bourjois cream blushes. On me, both blushes apply in exactly the same beautiful way and last the same […]

Hi Christine
I saw your comment about the lack of numbering on the handles for the brushes you own. I have Hakuhodo’s K007 and K005 brushes and they both have the numbering in gold print at the end of the […]

Sleek Cosmetics are not available in Australia but I have 22 of their eyeshadow palettes, 13 Sleek blushes and an assortment of their other cosmetics.

I can categorically say that I adore every Sleek Cosmetics […]

Given that the Japanese defend their hunting of whales in the southern oceans every year with the most cruel methods possible, I choose not to buy anything from that country that has an animal […]

I really look forward to your nail polish swatches when you are hard pressed to come up with dupes and although I always keep reading even when I see the list of possible copy catters or copy catees, I wish that […]

I am more concerned about the quality of the product than how the packaging looks. It isn’t the packaging that I am applying to my eyelids.

Galaxie looks like Dior’s Graphic Berry

Nothing special here Dior (except for the embossing which I can’t wear). I adore anything purple but this doesn’t do it for me.

A few years ago, I spent a lot of time depotting eyeshadows into palettes and now I wish I hadn’t. I organise my eyeshadows by colour, regardless of brand (except for the really large palettes).

I have a […]

It is VERY similar to Zoya’s Valerie. As Christine said in her review, Valerie is not a dupe but I have both Valerie and Taboo and if you aren’t a nailaholic, you could just definitely go with Valerie and save […]

Mine is duochrome as well and it looks much, MUCH better in the container than Christine’s container did in her pics.

Christine, I suspect you may have received a dud.

For any Aussies reading this you may know that to buy this item in Australia we are expected to pay $130.

For an EXACT dupe (according to Christine’s photos), check out FACE OF AUSTRALIA’s Illuminator for $15. […]

A great brush for eyes & also for chiselled contouring. Although I have a lot of dupes for various MAC brushes, I have found the bristle composition & shape to be unique.

I could make do with other brushes if I didn’t own the MAC 252 brush but I am glad I do & I use it daily.

Highly recommended

Douceur is one of 3 Nars blushes I own, all of which I consider over-rated by the beauty community.

I use this blush very rarely and prefer dupes I own from Sleek Cosmetics.


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