So funny–I had every. Single. One of these lipsticks back in the early nineties! And I loooovvvvveeeed them. Now I look at them and think how horrible they’d look on me!

I don’t have any of these….but I might have to get Patentpink!

Hey! I think you have $22 listed as the price when you click on the dupes etc. I wish it was only $22 (sigh)

They look great on you! I have the Violet and Peony shades, and like them both a lot!

Ugh. I blame you and your awesome swatches for my ever burgeoning makeup collection! Stop posting amazing spring and summer collections, please ;p

Whoa! You look gorgeous! I literally said “whoa” out loud when I saw your pictures! I might have to get this contour!

I never use foundation. I don’t even own any! Instead I use BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I also don’t use lip liner (or very rarely), false eyelashes, or pencil eyeliner (I like gel and a brush or eyeshadow as […]

Those are gorgeous. I can’t imagine where I’d wear them but it almost makes me want to invent events I could wear them at! Beautiful looks!

Must not buy more lipsticks in the same color……arghhhhhhhh

Argggggghhhhhhh I’m on a makeup ban. MAC STOP coming out with new stuff!

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Caviar Ink, Stila liquid eyeliner pen, NARS eyeshadow palette (Kauai, Fairy’s Kiss, NARSissit)

I know you said MAC is too drying, but have you tried their Sheen Supreme in Asian Flower? It’s really nice. I also love Snapdragon (part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection) which I find isn’t drying on me at […]

Yay! So excited. You are the best!

YSL fuchsia in rage and Buxom Swinger lippie!

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