Mine used to be the sigma f80. Now, my HG is the Marc Jacobs foundation 2 brush. I use HG TM and it’s perfect and streak free!

Believe it or not, my wet and wild metrosexual at night palette. Glad I got two back ups

That’s a shame. I never have luck with her products, even the ones everyone loves. Just one line that doesn’t work for me

just take all my money, Chanel!

lol. I have 4 of these

This is the one I got. I love it and would like to get a few more. I’m looking forward to your eye shadow reviews. I won’t give my opinion yet. Lol

Another great surratt blush. I have one and want a couple more. Have you tried the eyeshadows yet, Christine. I’d love to hear your opinion

Love this shade. I just bought la vie en rose, which is also gorgeous. I agree about the basic color selection. I’d love to see a bigger variety

OMG I’m doing the same exact thing today. Heading to NYC and surratt is at the top of my list

Now if she would just get them back in stock. I spent hours trying to order the first and second days they were available and the site was overwhelmed. I was told to wait until the next day to order, that they had […]

Unless it’s something I already use, I skip skincare samples. You never get enough in a packet to give it a good test. Foundation samples are always too dark. My faves are hand and/or body lotion and mascara.

I read that this was super glittery with little color payoff, but seems buildable on you?

I use a on air lighted magnifying makeup mirror I ought the ott light one, but hated it. It was distorting and hurt my eyes!!

So pretty. You look ready for spring!

I went to Imats NYC 2 years ago. It was cheaper then by almost half. I can’t believe the price increase. No kids rate either. All in all I probably broke even. I got 30% off inglot. I bought some hahuhodo brushes […]

Definitely most excited about walgreens

Hi. Blue mercury is having their holiday parties coming soon. Check out their events page on bluemercury.com. Some stores sell chanel and Trish mcevoy and Bobbi brown, as well as la mer and many other high end […]

I’ve used mac’s brush cleanser forever and I have some Mac brushes that are at least 20 years old in perfect condition. That being said, I tried cinema secrets brush cleanser at the recommendation of MUA Tricia […]

I have gotten better. Like many it seems, I used to have to have at least one thing from all the collections. Or worse, every color from a new item launch (maybelline color tattoos I’m looking at you). But I have […]

I’m so happy you like this. I bought it last week during Lord and Taylor’s friends and family at 10% off. Their tester never arrived so I took a chance and bought it without testing. I relly like it. You’re right […]

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