Your skin tone/coloring: medium (well, quite tanned at the moment), brown hair/eyes
Best brand for lipstick? Guerlain, Armani and I love Burberry ,too!
Best brand for eyeshadow? Armani (their ETK are amazing!), […]

Illamasqua, Hourglass and Tom Ford (no makeup line in Greece as far as I know, only the perfumes…boo!)…

MAC Cosmo…I’m finishing my second tube these’s just a great everyday colour for me and it goes with just about anything….second comes Burberry Nude Cashmere for the same reasons…I have finished one […]

Your skin tone/coloring: medium, brown hair/eyes
Last eyeshadow(s) you wore? Cle de Peau Ombre Couleur no75,Burberry Trench eyeshadow
Last blush you wore? MAC Plum Foolery
Last lip color you wore? Laura Mercier […]

I think I need this!!!!!

There is a shade called mounia???????!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!! I just died laughing!!!!!

hahaha!! I laughed so hard when I read the name of this eyeshadow because in my native language, which is Greek, there is a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery bad word which sounds like this…gorgeous colour though…a little […]

i just wanted to say that I looooooove this blush!! it makes my face light up and look sweeter!!! I always get compliments when I wear this blush!

Armani’s Luminous silk foundation…by far…!

MAC Margin.

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