Nicole, date men that love you for you, which includes your makeup! My husband is a huge supporter of my makeup habit. It is one of the many reasons I love him. You will find a person who celebrates all you are, […]

So sorry this happens to you, too. I think Sephora needs better MUA education. :)

So sorry you have that experience, too! Hugs!!!

All the time. I have a massive makeup stash. Often, I stop by Sephora on my way back from work without any makeup (I am a chef). I never get waited on, or I get spoken to in that ‘you are not going to buy’ way. […]

I found Witches, Exorcism, Echo and Damned locally. I ordered Susperia, Auesha, Nosferatu, and Requiem. I am getting them in the mail tomorrow. So excited!

This is the first shadow pallet ever that I have wanted to get two of.

I only buy non-animal tested, and companies that like their customers. Gerard cosmetics, Line Crime, too much drama!!!

My makeup lets me feel like “me”. Without makeup I am how I was born but with my full face working I am how I have invented myself. Plus, reading about makeup, putting it on, touching it, anything having to do […]

I got them both. I am super happy with the mattes in the new Kat Von D eye contour pallet. However, great colors and metallics have been hard to get. I have heard nothing but good things about this formula. If […]

Yes. My husband’s best friend is female. We went to Sephora. She took the brushes I was looking at out of my hands and said “you have enough brushes”. No one ever has enough brushes! Also, the employees at my […]

I just bought this. Jc penny sephora had it out. I’ve been playing with it. Yes, the pastels are sheer. Half of the colors are pigmented, mostly the pinks and reds. The applicator is a full doe foot and is nice. […]

I need to see the pallet in person and swatch (or read your review) but I am interested. This is wayyyy more neutral than I normally like in a pallet, but I have bright green eyes and I know these red browns would […]

Milani has a great line of products, and Wet n wild, while a little hit and miss has some excellent products! Cherry Pickin’ by Wet N Wild rivals some of my high end lipsticks.

Yes! I have used QVC. I get my Wen there when they have today’s special values. I also get sets of tarte, which has great today’s special values. I get product I want, new things to try and save money. Love it!

I have to say, now that it is ‘here’ I am pretty disappointed by the Studded Kiss collection. I first came back to makeup a little over 3 years ago, and my first purchase was Kat’s mini lip collection from that […]

You’ll love Poe. I own the full sized. For me, it is very wearable, and I gets tons of compliments on it. It makes me feel like a badass when I wear it. I hope you can grab one!

There is a rumor of one Tarte Mega Vault or two smaller vaults. If this is the case, especially if there is one mega vault, I asked my husband to get everyone together and buy it for me.

If not, I am asking my […]

I am pretty lucky. I am a chef, and most of the time, I can wear what I want. On days when I am teaching cooking classes, I need to wear something a little more neutral.

And now, confession time.

2-3 times […]

Thank you for the heads up! I have four NYX Lip balms in the ‘vamp’ range on my wishlist. I am going to try to wait until Wednesday to order, to see what their new 4 hour beauty treat is. Last Wednesday I got 6 […]

I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed. I found this at my Sephora on Wednesday and swatched. The texture is ok, but only two of the eyeshadows would ever be used by me, and that is NOT worth the money. I even […]

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