So many lipsticks, claimed by the aether, never to return.

Not gonna lie, part of me is waiting for a really negative comment, just so I can say, “your tone seems very pointed right now.” Love ya, Willam!

I’m actually really rarely offended by repromotes. Soooo many […]

It’s not a specific item that I have a weakness for, but when I’m at an Ulta and find myself in the Nyx section… it’s like another part of my brain is like, “shhh shhh. Go to sleep Elyse. I’ll take over from […]

This is really really pretty! MAC Melba is my go-to blush– would you say that this is similar?

I’m so confused by this, honestly. Pretty boring looking stuff with early 90’s drugstore-looking packaging. Well, that sounded a bit harsh, haha. I’ll of course reserve judgement until I see full reviews and see […]


I know what’s going to be a gift from me, to me this holiday season!

Mirror is so so so so cool! I’d really love to get it an use it for an ice queen look to holiday parties later in the year!

Gold Mirror is cool, but has a lot of dupes– even in drugstore brands. Besides, I […]

Wow, what an intense bummer! I saw the picture of it on my bloglovin’ feed and thought, “please be good, please be good!” Because the color is SO gorgeous!

An F, though? Ouch! Didn’t expect that! Ah well…

Canary, though! I loooove! I’m always looking at yellow and gold eyeliners because I live in Pittsburgh and attend Pirates games very regularly! Gotta have my black and yellow on– even on my eyes!

I’m such a miser– elf’s $3 cream eyeliner is what I usually use, haha. Not the most opaque in the world, but does the trick!

It looks beautiful, but it’s so hard to tell because your skin is already so beautiful, Christine! I can see the difference, for sure, but I don’t think it would be enough for my acne-riddled skin. Ah well!

Yes! I exfoliate with a damp washcloth every day and immediately put lip balm on ’em!

On especially flaky days, I coat my lips with a very thick layer of moisturizer, let it sit for several minute until the […]

I thought, “No way. No way am I going to like this!”

I. LOVE. THIS. Time to start saving my pennies!

I totally did not expect to like Nebula at all, but I’m madly in love with it, wow! Really really cute! Reminds me of Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence, haha.

Really really cute color!

But then I saw that price– woo-wee! A little rich for my blood, unfortunately :(

Hooray! I have so many blushes that I don’t want to splurge before swatching them on my skin tone first, just in case! Time to brave the mall crowds!

Flirtatious is quite cute isn’t it? :) I have a few of these but not that one. I’m always too nervous to wear such a bright pink. Maybe if I start off inside my house only? Haha.

I know phlox is a type of flower, but my nerd brain automatically thinks of Dr. Phlox from Star Trek: Enterprise, hahaha! I was thinking, “Why purple?!” Oooops!

Anyway, they are both really lovely colors!

Both are cuuuuute, but I feel like I’ve seen coral with gold shimmer about one million times. I mean, it looks great on pretty much everyone, but still.

I really expected to think these were lame, but Dreaming Dahlia is actually quite cute! Very springy, all of them!

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