revlon’s va va violet! even though i now own much better-quality purples, it was what got me hooked on dark lipstick. :)

darn!! i was really hoping to use some of these for layering. :( i got a more opaque black lipgloss from the drugstore last year!

oooh, Punk Couture (the lipstick) looks like it could be right up my alley! Christine, in your experience with makeup descriptions, where does “grape” fall on the purple scale — is it in the magenta family or is […]

morgana cryptoria has a nice selection of green lipsticks, including one i love called Absinthe

thank you so much for that PS!! it gets so off-putting seeing people comment negatively on colors that i, and other people, think are beautiful. and for people who are looking for a more opaque black lipstick — […]

what makes rihanna a poor role model in this regard? what is there to model? on the contrary, rihanna is an example that anybody can be a victim of domestic abuse. and a victim is just that — a victim. nobody is […]

oooooh, not my color, but i like some of the other shades they’ve got!! will you be reviewing any others? (cough) (blackisblue)

i usually cover my lips in a lip liner of a similar color, and once i’m done with everything, i use a clear lip pencil around the edges of my lips! that helps clean up any mistakes and also ensures that the color […]

someday i hope to have the money and know-how to make my own lipsticks!!

i LOVE pblc!! can’t wait for them to release a new shade… wasn’t nox et veritas supposed to come out last autumn?

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