Lots of neutrals and burgundies. A few bright colors. Purple, teal, blue and green, pale pi k, 3 burgundy shades and the rest neutral/earthy.

I’ve seen photos of it and it’s gorgeous!

Earthy tones of any sort. Note I considers taupe, cream, gold, and browns of any variety earthy. Basically any colors like you’d find in the 4 UD naked palettes and other brands, mainly Mac, Chanel and Dior those […]

Hi Christine,

I don’t know if I missed it or not but what is the difference between LE Pink Poodle with this collection and the Perm Pink Poodle? The glitter??

My favorite foundation brush believe it or not is the ELF Studio powder brush. Before using it I favored brushes similar to what you chose.

Fire is spectacular on you. Definitely one of my favorite red lipglosses it looks so high end too. Wow! I will be scoring that one.

Maybe because we have such different coloring. I’m much paler then you. Nw15-20 blue and blonde. On me I can barely tell them apart. Just a heads up for others looking to see of they have anything similar in their […]

Hi Christine,
While going through my collection today I noticed both MAC Mulch and MAC Buckwheat are nearly identical to Divine decadence. Did you compare those 2 at all? Seriously all 3 are hard to tell apart. :-)

Christine I’m assuming you mean Palace Pedigred is improved much more then when it was in the PP Quad?

The collection in online NOW!

Where do you see Evil Ee as a single???

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