Mattes are perfect for everyday professional looks! This would be perfect for my daily go to looks that are appropriate for the office. Would love this palette!!!

I would buy myself something and spend the rest and friends and family Christmas gifts! I didn’t get the Tarte Off the Cuff blush palette last year so I need to get the Pin Up Girl palette this year!

I wanted this so badly that I stalked stores until I found it. However, the blush just did not show up on my skin very well at all, and the eyeshadows mostly looked the same. I wanted to love it so badly, because […]

Excited for all the cash back opportunities. But extra excited to get some cash back for my sephora purchases!

Well hey, the more packages you order, the more money you give shipping companies, which in turn boosts the economy! The shipping companies employ the people to ship the products who in turn go out and spend their […]

Are you talking about the Gorgeous Getaways palette? How is it? I think I want it, but I’m trying to make a smart decision! Lol.

Can you PLEASE review the Ulta Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette set?! Please! It looks like too good of a value to pass up, but I’m really trying to only make very good makeup purchases lol.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Eye Shadows. I had a couple of favorite MAC Paint Pots already, and after I bought a couple of Maybelline Color Tattoos I never reach back for the Bobbi Brown ones.

The corrector is a cream product. They aren’t sold in a kit. You are talking about the yellow setting powder for the concealer. But yes I had the same thing happen to me. I just use my Laura Mercier Secret […]

It’s such a beautiful color, and I’d love to wear it with a beautiful soft smoky eye.

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