Barberry is so nice!!! Loving that color. Hope it doesn’t pull too dark on me. This type of color looks so familiar…to something else I’ve been wanting. But I can’t remember what, haha.

Love the packaging on these. Pretty and cute. ^^ The pigmentation doesn’t look strong, but I guess these probably won’t be hard to overdo.

I’m so glad you mentioned the scent and taste of these! I can’t stand perfumey/soapy-tasting products. I will have to steer clear of these. :( And they don’t look that great. Too sheer and not enough color.

Sundae was a pleasant surprise for me too. I’m so glad that it doesn’t look frosty!

Spice Cake looks lovely. And I wasn’t interested in Toasted Marshmallow until now!

I still haven’t ownws any of these intense butter glosses yet, but I will. I like how some shades are muted instead of being super neon.

Wow, thank you for these swatches! I’m kinda interested in these because they’re new and cheap, but I’m not sure if I will like the matte formula. I’m not much of a matte girl. I tend to rub my lips together a lot […]

I’d like to wear these to the office! But I’d try to keep them subdued with a lip stain look?! 😀

Yay, I’m glad to see you’re reviewing this formula. I like these matte lipsticks, but I didn’t like many of the original 1O shades. I only picked up Lust for Blush.

I hesitated on getting Touch of Spice in case […]

Instantly liking Thirsty! And I thought of UD’s Ladyflower too (which I don’t own), but not the sheer version. This shade makes me want to purchase something from ColourPop for the first time, but I’m not liking […]

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