The color is really nice. I was surprised at how pigmented it looks despite it being a lighter shade. ^^

All 3 shades are lovely, but Debutante is a more wearable shade for me. I love coral-pink shades and I love how it looks in your face shot. And wow, it is very similar to Guerlain Gems! ^^

I don’t mind the […]

Wow, the paragraph and dupes list of NYX Privileged is the largest I’ve seen for a lippie, haha.

I haven’t bought any of the High Voltage lipsticks yet, but I do want to give them a try.
Hope to see your […]

I only follow the rule more with mascaras, sunscreen products, and LUSH/other natural products.

I have a ton of mascaras, but I only open 1 or 2 at at time. After 3-4 months, I’ll toss and choose something new […]

OMG They all look so beautiful!!!! So excited for your review.

I must get one of these Melted lippies soon, especially in the original shades!!

This is one of my new wishlist products! I actually just swatched it in Ulta this past weekend and liked it immediately. ^^

Omg, even more shades! I still need to get one of the original shades. These all look so pretty and lovely! ^-^

WOW. So many great shades and a nice variety too! Looking fwd to your reviews. I might have to do my first ColourPop order sometime soon. :)

The blush is such a lovely summer shade.
I’m so drawn to ur lip color too. Hope to see your reviews on NYX’s new Intense Butter Glosses. ^^

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick. I wish it was more pink and warm on me, but it turned out a bit dark, kinda gray-ish, and drab. :( I rarely use it.

It’s usually: face primer, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, setting powder, then lip color way later. lol

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