I’m not sure, because I have yet to finish my collection spreadsheet :p It’s easier to say which brands I DON’T have. There’s certainly a lot of MAC and NYX, though.

Glad I included Jelly Fish in my first order yesterday! It was between that and Aphrodisiac but I think Jelly is going to be more unique in my collection :) And I know they’re not anywhere near dupes, but it kind […]

Your skin tone/coloring: My hair is pinky/purple right now. Really faded from a dye job almost six months ago!
How often do you wash your hair? Once a week.
What’s your go-to shampoo and/or conditioner? No […]

It’s not a specific number; I just go with my gut. “$30 for a lipstick? I think I have to pass…”

Yep. I once lost a NYX lipstick (I think Femme?) in my room and found it way too long after.

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