Why can’t they just make the Pretty Rebel Palette again? Ha ha…sigh.

Nothing at all! Just imagine me as Ned Flanders skiing. And then never get that image out of your head.
But seriously, I have hyperhidrosis (i.e. I sweat more than normal, even when it’s not hot) so it’s more […]

I just went to a MAC in Bloomingdale’s today and don’t recall seeing them!

Well now I have NO idea what percentage of the price goes to the CWC, which also doesn’t sit well with new. I like to know stuff! Ha ha

Your comment just reminded me of back in middle school when I followed fashion more closely and Balenciaga came out with the most PERFECT little black dresses for fall/winter ’08. Oh, they are STILL so perfect. […]

Rodarte (I was really disappointed in the fiasco their collaboration with MAC became, but their other collections have been in much better taste!). Alexander McQueen also had a collection with MAC, but the brand […]

Soap/perfume flavor? That’s a big nope! Even if they’re moisturizing and have pretty shimmer.

Some of these shades remind me of Sleek’s Ultra Matte palettes, but with better pigmentation!

This post just makes me want to order some Fluidlines, lol.

Your skin looks FLAWLESS in these photos! Especially against Scarlet.

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