I could swear Berlin Underground used to be available as a single. I guess it was discontinued, sucks for such a pretty shade!

Haul: I ordered a matte liquid lipstick and several samples from Life’s Entropy during the birthday sale!
Weekend plans: Work…no other plans.
What motivates you: …I don’t actually know. I have depression so […]

Okay I reminded myself, it was called Selektion.

Rosemary’s Baby was renamed to Double Dare! No idea why but there you have it. Beloved is also a rename, of what I don’t remember.

I just bought Damned and Bow n Arrow a few minutes ago! BnA was hiding in the back but they let me buy it 😀 I also saw Becca’s Champagne Pop hiding in a drawer lol. Sneaky Sephora.

Oh gosh. I don’t usually like florals but something about this makes me think of Chinese royalty. (Not sure what flowers have to do with alchemy, though!)

The bronzer would be a nightmare for me (as Nancy mentioned–migraine) but that nail polish is beeeautiful!

Yes, generally freezing/refrigerating products makes them firmer (and warming them makes them softer…or melt, heh).

YAAAAAAAS! I also hope the formula is unchanged. Looks like 5 AM is still available on Bare Escentuals’s own site.

Not a fan of these colors/formulas but omg they put a cover on the lipsticks!! lol.

I love Incandescent Light as a highlighter! I just wish it was available separately–Dim Light and Radiant Light are too dark and orange for me. :( (pleeeease, Hourglass!)

Helena is loving Tilt 3 weeks ago

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