Hmm I might actually get Lowlights for my brows.

The Hourglass palette! They always look so gorgeous but I’m too cheap to buy them myself haha :/

I don’t want any of these but I’m stoked at how awesome the reviews for these are! I honestly expected most of them to pretty much flop – I’m not entirely sure why as I like NYX, but a lot of these seem like […]

NYX Wonder Pencil in Light. It’s the perfect color for my skin tone. I tried the one from Rimmel, and it has amazing staying power, but it’s much too yellow for me.

Your earrings match all of these so well lol I love it 😀

Oh man, really disappointed that they didn’t expand the color range for the brow bluidlines :(

The Butter Glosses are far from the best performing glosses I’ve worn – but they’re still some of my favorites. There’s just something about how they look on the lips that really appeals to me 😀

I don’t understand why MAC keeps making repromotes that end up looking nothing like the originals. Just slap a new name on it and call it a day.

Holy crap :O

I’ll have to wait for more reviews and see how people with oily skin like these, but this looks amazing!

the name of these had me intrigued but after I saw swatches, I can’t understand how anyone thought they were a good idea. so so ugly :(

oooh, Rhinestone Cowboy looks like it could be a good dupe for MAC’s Lust Dust

I’d love these for pops of color with a smokey eye, or just smudged all around the lashes (top and bottom)

Anyone else feel like Lemon Drop and Yellow Brick Road should be switched? That bugged me when I was on the site the other day lol

I got the pigments Kryptonite, Utopia, and Liquid Gold, and the shadows Corrupt, Poison Ivy, and Moondust. I am sooo excited for Liquid Gold!

I just placed my first order from them this morning! None of these made the cut since I either have comparable colors or am not thrilled by the shade, but I am effing stoked to get my order. Some of your previous […]

I’ve had really oily skin for years and years and have tried dozens of different products that never worked. I recently started using pure aloe (right from the plant) and it is AMAZING. I initially tried it hoping […]

aw I wish the set of 4 came in different colors. crossing my fingers that if these little kits sell well they’ll come out with more variety

I was not reading closely enough and thought the price tag for the sponge (#222) was $22 and had a rather intense “oh HELL no” moment.

I still think $13 is a bit much for a sponge applicator because it’s, well, […]

I have super oily lids and they work surprisingly well on me. I do typically use it over UDPP but even without that it wears well (as a base – alone they melt right off).

It’s typically used as a base under other shadows to help intensify their color and lasting power

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