Those are both way too yellow/orange for me! And I’m a NC.

I’m surprised the formula isn’t better especially when there are so many good cream blushes on the market. You are right, they make your lips look really dry. Too bad.

I waffled on this a bit, but ended up getting it because I love LMdB shadows so much and hadn’t bought anything from them in a while. I think that the sheerer color redeem themselves when they are layered in the […]

Did they just repackage these? They seem similar to the ones they had before.

I really want to try this brand! Maybe when the Canadian dollar isn’t doing so poorly :(

I bought both of these on the last day of Sephora’s sale after seeing your swatches as a Hail Mary purchase, LOL. They look great and thank you for the swatches!

OMG I need one of those for my cat!!! Too cute.

Although I already purchased this when it first launched, I’m glad to see it’s going to be permanent…I wish all his permanent quads were this formula though!

Too bad it’s not more pigmented, we have the same undertone, but I’m a few shades darker (NC 30/35) so I imagine it wouldn’t look pink at all on me.

I wish they hadn’t put repeated the cream color shades on the eye duos, because I definitely do not need doubles of Spice, Spring 2015 etc! I’m loving the cream blush, the palette and Skinny Dip lipstick though….yikes! $$$

I wasn’t going to get this but I may have to especially since the eye duo’s contain repromotes of Spice, Spring 2015 etc.

I want it even though I know it will be a glittery pain-in-the-butt! Ha ha.

Hi Christine

I was wondering how you liked the LMdB Obsidian Odyssey Kalidescope? I just purchased one (it’s still available at Neiman Marcus) and would really appreciate your opinion of it, as there are hardly […]

Ugh I want everything! 😉

It’s a great color though I would have thought the reformulation would have been in the A range given the problems they had before.

Big thumbs up!

I never understood the wet blush application idea – it doesn’t make any sense unless you go barefaced with no foundation. Even if these did apply nicely wet you would probably disturb your base by applying them. I […]

Right now it’s Chanel Poesie. I can just slap any of those colors on in any combination and they look great!

I like Boca and Linda. MAC should put out more neutral/beige/brown shades of blushes.

Lavender Jade is beautiful but I know it would look like death on me!

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