Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks. I have a ton of these, but they got terrible reviews when they were first released. I don’t see the problem, I love them to bits.

I have Touch of Spice, and I’ve been wearing it constantly. I’m a huge matte lover, and I think the texture of these is to die for! I did a side-by-side swatch after seeing a blog compare Touch of Spice to the […]


This swatch of hipness looks so much pinker than the swatch from Marine Life in 2010. I missed the boat back then, but I’m not sure I’m interested if this one is difficult to blend.

Clinique… perhaps it means I’m maturing, haha.

Something superhero-themed, like the Avengers or X-Men! Lots of potential colours, effects, and finishes. MAC’s Wonder Woman collection feels like it was ages ago.

I’ve never felt compelled to buy these palettes, but dang that packaging is fine.

Peachy-pinky-corals, natural and wearable finishes in lip and cheek products.

Not very exciting, but Hard Candy “peace.” An oldie and a cheapie, but it never fails me. Also Maybelline’s colour tattoo in “bad to the bronze.” Always works.

I can’t remember the last time I was this anxious to see swatches. Eeeee!!!

Texture. Pigment. Blendable. Not chunky glitter — I want to see some sophistication put into that sheen.

Unique packaging and clever names. I’m a sucker for good marketing.

I love the shade combo in the pans. Such a shame about the quality. I think it’s time I split up with MAC — just not into what they have to offer anymore.

I dig the packaging.

I also use a large safety pin. Who knew this frightening technique was so common? Yes, I have stabbed myself in the eye with the pin before, but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to use it! The results are just too good.

I was interested in the pressed powders, but I just bought Cindy-Loumanizer, so I doubt I need these as well. The shadow palette actually looks good, for once! Sort of like the plummy palettes Tarte has been putting out.

Those last two are stunning!! If only I had the cash to shell out for several shades, or heck, even one.

Skin tone: light/medium yellow undertone
Eye brush: Real Techniques shadow brush (the purple one!)
Foundation regularly?: absolutely not. Foundation makes me break out like nobody’s business. Just spot concealor […]

I lusted after Ripe Peach when it came out in 2010 only because it looked so beautiful in the pan! It was even a little too much on the orange side for me then, though. This swatch looks lighter than your original […]

I can’t even with these prices. MAC isn’t the luxury brand they want us to think they are, not with the way they’ve been under-performing for the last several years.

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