Oh man, I hope I win, because the Cle de Peau Sand Beige Luminizing Face Enhancer looks so amazing.

I would overload myself with the golds in this palette. I need them in my life something fierce.

That navy, I would wear the hell out of that navy, and the cool grey, and the cocoa, and… Everything, really.

The UD Lipstick stash is what I would have to use first, because I just keep staring at it and trying to tell myself I don’t need it.

Carmen. Totally Carmen.

Wow. The color palette for this already wasn’t impressing me but Gothica. What the hell? Is there a lower score than F-?


Oh, man, I would buy so many palettes with this card. And maybe finally get a GlamGlo mask!

Reds. Red lips are my go-to favorite.

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