Very pretty!

Pretty much everything except daytime tinted lip balm, here’s to you Fresh… :)

Fresh Berry and Revlon Sugar Plum Lip Butter

Lovesick is really nice!

I agree the pumps give you enough for 3 faces!

Very pretty but a little too much money for the product I think

Truly unique? I honestly can’t can’t think of much sans newer mascara wand designs like Benefit and NARS.

I like Chanel, Clinique and Tarte right now. I used to love NARS but the formulas have been hit or miss lately.

I hear great things about the fluid shadows!

6 to 20 here. I don’t own a lot of traditional lipstick.

I agree about everything you said for sure! I’m also looking for more “treatment” options in colored cosmetics, like the No No range from Perricone. I’d like to see a few liquid shadows that work and have […]

I wonder how these will be! Looking forward to some of the darker harder to use shades in this format!

I think these are too warm for me, I like the coverage and the finish isn’t too powdery!

This one’s finish isn’t as nice as the others :(

DAYUM, that’s pigmented! Very pretty!

I’m surprised that I think I like Requiem more than Ayesha.

Little Buddha looked much warmer in the tube and like it would wear fairly coral! How odd!

Sweet Nectar looks pretty close!

I wanted Swell to be good but I’m so disappointed!

I can’t think of any but I suppose brow products in general. They were not for me until I got a makeover at Chanel and realized how much brow volume I’d lost due to my thyroid condition.

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