I like the coverage of FIL but none of these colors would work on me.

I love this idea! I can’t wait to see what the swatches will look like!

Blossom Bright and Intriguing are my favorites here, Blossom Bright is really calling to me!

I like the NARS Dupes better now that I see them side by side!

I love the look and the texture of Flamant!

Does Whole Foods count as drugstore? The bulk of my products come from the regular drugstore and Whole Foods. I usually only splurge on perfume, certain types of skin care items, base products, and powder products.

Nice, I bet this would look great on dark skin!

I love seeing all the high ratings!

I absolutely love both!

They make great eye and nail products. I hate all the drugstore products for animal testing though. I try not to buy from them.

Darling and RH look mighty similar indeed. I think 999 really wakes up your face!

I’d probably go for Cricket. It’s a little cooler toned!

I don’t think I’d wear either but the formula and smoothness is impressive!

I really like the UD one!

They are both night time options with that finish for me. I like them though!

I don’t like that color one bit!

WAY back in the day, I read to wiggle your mascara wand at the bottom of your lashes.

I wear the same products and just buff them in really well!

I like the color of Burberry Shell. I might be able to pull it off.

Too brown for my coloring but I have a feeling this will be very popular!

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