A lot of ones exaggerate. Or they use only one small study. I feel EL owned companies are the worst.

I’m game and play it soft are nice.

Peacock and Black Purple are really great!

I just can’t afford any of them!

These look awesome!

NARS Skincare and All Day Luminous Powder Foundation.

OH! I like that!

In terms of lasting without looking different, Hourglass liquids… In terms of sheer staining power, Revlon Super Lustrous in Cherries in the Snow and this one shade from CoverGirl stain my lips for DAYS. […]

I was 9 and it was Cover Girl foundation.

Very cool.

Dang, those are pigmented!

I’m drawn to the same things! I also find myself drawn to Rose on occasion as long as it’s mixed with those other things. I also love Grapefruit in perfumes. Tea is also a big one for me.

It’s too streaky but I like the color. Reminds me of the water in Ibiza.

Way to dark for me but so pretty!

Bleh… I was hoping for more pigment.

When I had terrible acne, it helped me gain confidence!

I like the look of the liner!

I like Fluo but I don’t know if I’d buy it.

I like this one too, might be too yellow for me!

Everything pretty much :(

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