Lost a NARS lip lacquer for most of a year – friend borrowed it and couldn’t find it. Apparently she looked everywhere EXCEPT her makeup bag. Also mysteriously lost only the top cap to a Buxom lipstick mini. […]

MAC Nanogold and Remotely Grey. Combined with Coppering they’re my go-to stage eye makeup. I have the last of my Nanogold sort of covered by Reflects Pearl pigment, but it’s not quite the same. And every dupe for […]

I actually HAVE skin that’s both pale and warm, but most “contour” shades are much too warm. Across a line’s sets I can usually find maybe one shade that’s cool and one highlighter with a touch of shimmer – but […]

Oooh, which specific Nude Wear is the dupe? There’s a couple of them . . .

I’d love to add this to my dressing room kit – so many people to practice on!

A whole palette of mattes would be fabulous to pair with the UD Vice 3 palette I got for Christmas!

I want to love these, but the smell is an appetite suppressant. 😛

I’d actually give the palettes to my mother-in-law who wants the original palette but can’t afford nice makeup anymore. We usually take her shopping at Ulta for holidays and birthdays.

Mittens might actually be a good eyebrow color for my burgundy-auburn dye job!

I’d LOVE to play with the MUFE studio case – I haven’t had a chance to purchase any of their new eyeshadow formula yet.

How would you compare Girly against MAC Nanogold?

I’d love to play with the mossy greens for a softer smoky look!

Only for performances and photos. The Sephora Bullseye lash applicator is a $12 wonder for applying them without stabbing yourself with tweezers or getting fingerprints in your eyeshadow!

Hard toss up between breaking in to the Urban Decay or the Make Up For Ever first! Don’t make me choose!

Sandra looks like a great brown-red for my warm ivory skin!

The red and copper look amazing! A heavy dose of MAC Coppering is key in my stage eye makeup, and I’d love to test these shades.

I’m finally teaching my girlfriend that blush is not evil – next step is moving from sheer cremes to powder, and this would be a great sampler!

Oooh, I’d have to swatch ALL THE THINGS!

Oooh, good suggestions! MAC sold me Pink Opal pigment which does the job, but isn’t quite a match.

ZOMG! Love the cat-themed palette, although I could wish for different color selections. Too Faced primer is already really good for me but not quite moist enough to prevent later caking, so HangoverRX may be PERFECT!

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