Yes, Escapade is the one and Pink Haze is the other. I did not pick those up so I have never seen them in person but they both looked close to me on the computer screen :)

I would use the blue as a go to liner, I love blue to brighten the whites of my eyes and make my brown eyes pop. I would also have a lot of fun mixing the colours and pushing my comfort zone.
Thanks for the fun […]

I Love this colour! I bought one because it was part of the holiday collection and I almost always pick up the Illusion D’Ombre when it a part of the collection. But once I used it it I had to go get another! And […]

Thank you for helping bring this back! And the Fantastic look!

OMG! Gotta Have It! 😀 I have been loving the TF lippies but I can’t pass up LE Guerlain! Can’t wait to see the swatches!
Ps; I saw the hot pink one on Saks website in a pic but couldn’t figure out which color […]

Unfortunately they do not currently offer refills :( I hope some day they will because I would love to re-use my limited edition cases as they are different and so pretty! I have thought about trying to figure out […]

Oh! No worries Christine! It’s just the way everyone was commenting, it seemed to me that they were talking about actual products and I was genuinely confused :) Thank you for clearing that up. I guess they are […]

Am I missing something here? A link or a go to another page button? Because all I see is a movie poster. What, or where, is the sneak peak? I hope I don’t come off as rude, because I am genuinely confused.

My fave tip is keep your skin in the best condition possible, i.e.; wash morn and night, moisturize moisturize moisturize!

I am excited for this whole collection :) My name is like Elysee and I was born in 68 … So I am feeling like this was a collection made for me 😉
I just purchased almost the entire collection online through […]

I am going to go B A N A N A S over this collection and will buy it ALL! I just called my local Nordstrom person and told them I want one of each when it hits the store! And use my triple points day please ;D as […]

The Armani Sheers! I am in love with #11 and #9.

Ahhh! Help!! I can’t decide and I can’t buy them all! :(
I’m leaning towards the two 3 eyeshadow pallets … But then again I love the purple eyeshadow pallet!

I LOVE the fluid sheers! But this one looks too red for me :( I will wait for #11 to be back in stock or go to Nordstroms and pick it up…… Because I Am Obsessed!!! I Must Have!!! :) I ordered #8 and #9 and I […]

I am obsessed! I used the sample of my #11 and #8 today with my sample of Armani Silk foundation and my husband said my skin looked incredible, glowing.
Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention Christine! :)

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